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  • Max pressure: 2320 psi (160 bar)
  • Measuring range:
    • Water 68°F (20°C); 0.1 l/h to 250 l/h
    • Air 68°F (20° C); 1bar (15 psi) abs; 4 l/h to 8000 l/h
  • Robust compact design
  • DN 15 to DN 25 size options (1/2" to 1", 6 to 12 mm)
  • 10:1 measuring range ratio
  • Class 4 VDI/VDE accuracy
  • Analog scale plate indicator
  • IP 65 protection class


The Yokogawa RAKD Rotameter differentiates itself from other comparable variable area meters by means of its light and guided float design. This feature avoids oscillations caused by gas compressibility leading to very stable measurement.

This design has a direct bearing on stability – pressure loss is lower by 2/3 compared to other comparable meters. Measurement of low flows is best handled by the RAKD with its established technology. The RAKD represents the latest generation in low flow metal flowmeters.

The RAKD variable area flowmeter is highly accurate, particularly for low flows and high pressure applications. Once again no auxiliary energy is required.