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  • Rate, total, limit, batch and ratio options
  • Single or dual channel
  • USB-B serial port for serial protocol communication
  • Two programmable Form C relay outputs option
  • One or two assignable 4-20 mA output option
  • Batch controller; stores up to 20 batch recipes
  • Easy-to-read color backlight LCD display


AW-Lake MX 9000 Process Monitor is a versatile, multi-functional device that helps you track rate, total, limit, ratio, and more. Standard unit is one channel. Optional two channels allow you to monitor dual flows, and display them in a number of ways: separately, as a sum (for example in total material use), as a difference (as in fuel consumption), or as a ratio of product A/product B. Also use the MX 9000 to detect bi-directional flow when A and B channel signals are available from a single flow meter.

The MX 9000 has a number of related functions that add to its capabilities. Four model variations (see reverse side) give the MX 9000 the capability of performing limit, warning and alarm duties.