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  • Mass flow accuracy of ±0.1 to 0.15% of flow rate
  • Volume flow accuracy of ±0.15 to 0.25% of flow rate
  • Gas flow accuracy of ±0.50% of flow rate
  • Density accuracy of ±0.0005 to 0.002g/cm3 (±0.5 to 2.0kg/m3)
  • 316L stainless steel wetted parts
  • -150 to 400°F (-100 to 204°C) temp rating
  • 1450 psi (100 bar) pressure rating
  • Smart Meter Verification (SMV) system monitoring
  • EHEDG certified, 3-A authorized design


The Micro Motion H-Series Coriolis meter was specifically designed to find the optimum balance between raw sensitivity to flow and density, and the need for compactness and drainability. The benefits are the ability to clean and drain the flow tubes while delivering high turndown capability with uncompromising flow, density and % concentration (e.g. Brix, % Solids) measurement performance in varying real-world conditions. Thanks to its fundamental design and low drive frequency, these hygienic meters offer great immunity to entrained gas, or two phase flow.

The H-Series platform reduces your system integration/set-up costs and incorporates an advanced diagnostics tool, Smart Meter Verification (SMV), that verifies the meter is operating as well as the day it was installed.


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