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  • ±5% Full scale accuracy
  • 240°F maximum temperature
  • 175 PSI maximum pressure
  • Universal mounting
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Nickel-plated Brass or SS 304 fittings & float
  • High and low viscosity
  • Installable in any position


The Kobold VKG viscosity compensated flow meter and switch is accurate to ±5% of full scale. The flow meter is suitable for high and low viscosity media and is viscosity-compensated up to Δv = 540 cSt with no scale recalibration necessary. The meter is density-compensated up to Δp = 30 lb/ft³ and has direct reading scales for oil. The Kobold VKG viscosity compensated flowmeter and switch is installable in any position with a vertical connection for easy installation. The flow meter has a maximum pressure of 175 psi and is available in brass or stainless steel construction.

Kobold flow meter and switches type VKG 6000, VKG 7000 and VKG 8000 and flow meters and switches with pointer indicator fill an important gap in the high viscosity measurement field. Using Kobold's patented viscosity compensation system, these instruments are insensitive to viscosity and density changes during operation. This development in flow and measurement control technology has resulted in an extremely versatile instrument usable in almost all possible applications.