Hazardous locations are defined as places where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to the presence of flammable gases, vapors, dust, or fibers. Due to the inherent danger in these areas, equipment must be approved for use in such locations. Such approvals confirm that a products has been tested and certified to conform to standards mandated by the European directive ATEX or another standards organization such as NEMA.

“Intrinsically Safe” is a term often used generically to describe products suitable for explosive or hazardous areas. It should be noted, however that Intrinsically Safe is different than Explosion Proof. Intrinsic Safety manages the amount of energy available to a level below which ignition can occur. Explosion Proof on the other hand contains the energy of any possible explosion within the enclosure containing the possible ignition source.

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RKI Instruments GX-6000 Gas Monitor
Portable multi-gas monitor for up to 6 gases simultaneously, with sensor slots for PID, IR & super toxics
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RKI Instruments GX-2009 Confined Space Monitor
Simultaneously monitors & displays up to 4 gases; LEL, O2, H2S & CO, with vibration, audible & visual alarms
Honeywell XNX Universal Gas Transmitter
Universal gas transmitter supports the widest range of sensors on a common platform and offers a modular choice of inputs and outputs
Rosemount 8800D Series Vortex Flow Meter
Wafer or flanged style Vortex flow meters available with multivariable output & internal temperature sensor option
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KPSI 700 / 710 / 720 Level Transducers
Submersible up to 700 feet with UL and CUL approvals, and FM intrinsic safety approval standard available for most versions
Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter
Advanced temperature transmitter with superior accuracy, stability, and reliability for critical control and safety applications
Rosemount 8750W Magnetic Flow Meter
High performance magnetic flow meter with transmitter customized for water, wastewater & utility applications
Druck UNIK 5000 Pressure Sensing Platform
Configurable silicon pressure sensor solution with a wide range of accuracies, outputs, temperature ranges & construction options
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KPSI 750 Level Transducer
Non-clogging 2.75 inch sensing area with UL and CUL safety approvals for slurry or highly viscous applications
KPSI 320 Level Transducer
Small bore, 0.75 inch diameter, submersible up to 700 feet with UL, CUL & FM intrinsic safety approval standard
Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis Flow Meters
High precision flow and density measurement solution with very low pressure drop for liquids, gases, or slurries
KPSI 730 / 735 Level Transducers
Submersible up to 700 feet with UL and CUL approvals, and FM intrinsic safety approval standard available for most versions
Blancett 1100 Turbine Flow Meter
Inline turbine flow meters for corrosive and abrasive fluid measurement with flow range up to 5000 GPM
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KPSI 705 Level Transducers
Teflon coated elastomeric diaphragm, designed for wastewater applications, UL and CUL safety approvals
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Rosemount 8700 Series Flanged Flowtube Sensors
8705 and 8707 flanged flowtube sensors for conductive liquids and slurries
Rosemount 644 Temperature Transmitter
Highly accurate head and rail mount temperature transmitter
Micro Motion F-Series Coriolis Flow Meters
Highly accurate sensors for mass flow, volume flow, and density measurement in a cleanable compact design
Bently Nevada 177230 Seismic Transmitter
Provides a 4-20 mA signal proportional to the 0-1 inch/sec 0-pk velocity movement of a roller element bearing housing or machinery housing
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Rosemount 214C RTD
PT100 sensor type RTD temperature sensors with a max temperature range option of -321 to 1112°F
Panametrics XMT868i Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter
DigitalFlow transmitter for acoustically conductive fluids, including most clean liquids, and many liquids with entrained solids or gas bubbles
Rosemount 3051SFC Compact Orifice Flow Meter
Compact differential pressure flow meter ideal for the volumetric measurement of clean liquids, gas, and steam
Krohne H250-RR Variable Area Flow Meter
Rugged, all-metal design ensures high resistance to pressure, temperature and media
Krohne OPTIFLUX 4000 Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
Multiple application electromagnetic flow sensor / magmeter
GPI G2 Turbine Flow Meter
Flow range from 1 to 10 up to 20 to 200 GPM (formerly known as the RG45-B)
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Krohne OPTIMASS 1000 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Cost effective coriolis mass flow solution for accurate measurement for a variety of applications
Rosemount 3051CFA Annubar Flow Meter
Combine the proven 3051C pressure transmitter and the latest primary element technology
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Honeywell Sensepoint XCD Gas Detector
Monitors flammable, toxic and oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres
KPSI 27 / 28 / 30 Pressure Transducers
Designed for hostile conditions and pressure up to 2000 PSI with UL and CUL safety approval standards
Fox Thermal FT2A Mass Flow Meter
Thermal mass flow meter and temperature transmitter with inline and insertion options for gas applications
Krohne OPTIFLUX 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
Electromagnetic Flow Sensor for Water and Wastewater Applications
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AST4300 Non-Incendive Pressure Sensor
Class I Division 2 rated pressure sensor with 0.25% accuracy, voltage or current output signals, and pressures up to 20,000 psi
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KPSI 330 / 335 Level Transducer
Small bore, 0.75 inch diameter, submersible up to 700 feet with UL, CUL & FM intrinsic safety approval standard
Bently Nevada 1900/65A General Purpose Equipment Monitor
Continuous monitoring and protection, stand-alone operation on general-purpose equipment
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Micro Motion R-Series Coriolis Flow Meters
Flow and density measurement in a low footprint and drainable design for general process, water, and non-critical applications
Krohne OPTISONIC 3400 Flow Meter
3 beam, inline, Ultrasonic Flow Meter designed for measuring homogeneous conductive and non-conductive liquids
WIKA CPG1500 Pressure Gauge
Digital pressure gauge for ranges up to 150,000 psi gauge, intrinsically safe version optional
GPI A1 Turbine Flow Meter
Flow range from 0.3 to 300 GPM (formerly known as the RG45-A)
Rosemount 3051CFC Compact Orifice Flow Meter
Compact differential pressure flow meter for reliable and accurate volumetric flow measurement
Fox Thermal FT3 Mass Flow Meter & Temperature Transmitter
Explosion-proof thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter with inline and insertion options
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Krohne OPTIMASS 7000 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
The optimum meter for demanding mass flow and density measurement applications of fluids, gases and solids
Rosemount 8711 Wafer Flowtube Sensor
Economical, compact and lightweight alternative to flanged magnetic flow meters
Rosemount 248H Temperature Transmitter
A complete head-mount temperature assembly for any Single Point measurement application
Panametrics PM880 Hygrometer Packages
Package includes PM880 Hygrometer, moisture probe and PM880 sample system
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Krohne OPTIMASS 6000 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
High performance mass flow meter for extended temperature applications
Fox Thermal FT1 Mass Flow Meter
Insertion or inline gas flow meter & temperature transmitter with 4-20mA primary output & choice of secondary pulse or RS485
Rosemount Analytical Model 5081 Transmitters
Two-wire transmitter with explosion-proof enclosure measures a wide range of parameters
Blancett B3000 Flow Monitor
A flexible, durable, easy-to-use platform for flow metering applications with 2 programmable status alarms
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Rosemount 3051CFP Integral Orifice Flow Meter
Self-centering plate design eliminates installation errors that are magnified in small line sizes
AW Gear Meters JV-KG Series Flow Meter
Positive displacement flow meter maintains consistent accuracy despite changing viscosity
GPI Flomec Pulse / Mechanical Flow Meters
Flow rates as low as 0.5 lph (0.16 gph) and as high as 2500 lph (gph), high accuracy & repeatability, direct reading flowmeter
Krohne OPTISONIC 6300 Stationary Clamp On Flow Meter
Clamp-on flow meter that can be fitted on the outside of piping to measure the flowrate of liquids
GPI 01A Series Fuel Meter
Aluminum turbine fuel totalizer
Rosemount 848T Temperature Transmitter
Accepts eight independently configurable RTD, thermocouple, ohm, and millivolt inputs
Rosemount 248R Temperature Transmitter
A complete rail-mount temperature assembly for any single point measurement application
Rosemount Analytical Oxymitter 4000 Hazardous Area Oxygen Transmitter
In situ, zirconium oxide-based oxygen transmitter for flue gas measurement in hazardous areas
Krohne OPTIMASS 2000 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Large diameter mass flow meter developed to meet the demanding custody transfer requirements of the oil and gas industry
Krohne TIDALFLUX 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Electromagnetic flow sensor with integrated, non-contact capacitive level measurement for partially filled pipes
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Rosemount 405 Compact Orifice Flow Element
Compact orifice primary element installs easily between any existing raised face flanges without creating additional pipe penetrations
Panametrics PanaFlow MV80 Flow Meter
Inline vortex flow meter ideal for steam and gas applications
Badger Meter RCT1000 Coriolis Flow Meter
Remote or integral mount sensor that simultaneously measures mass flow, fluid density and fluid temperature
Rosemount 148 Temperature Transmitter
4-20 mA signal less susceptible to noise, increased performance over wiring sensors directly
Krohne OPTIFLUX  1000 Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
Electromagnetic water flow sensor / magmeter with sandwich design
Rosemount Analytical 975UF Flame Detector
Ultra-fast flame detector incorporates ultraviolet and infrared sensors capable of providing high speed response to explosive fires
FloCat C-LB45A-MIL
Heavy Duty Turbine Flow Meter for Fuels with Protective Cage for Extreme Environments
Micro Motion T-Series Coriolis Flow Meters
Straight tube full-bore flow and density meters with built-in balance bar and titanium wetted parts for corrosion resistance
RKI Instruments EAGLE 2 Portable Gas Monitor
Detects & displays up to six gases with PID options, datalogging, audible & visual alarms
RKI Instruments GX-2012 Gas Detector
Accepts up to 5 sensors to monitor LEL, O2, CO & H2S with vibration, visual & audible alarms
Rosemount 2051CFC Compact Orifice Flow Meter
Compact differential pressure flow meter for reliable and accurate flow measurement for gas, liquid and steam applications
Rosemount Analytical 975UR Flame Detector
Incorporates ultraviolet and infrared sensors for detecting hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires with high false alarm immunity
Rosemount 1195 Integral Orifice Flow Meter
Accurately measures the flow of a liquid, gas, or steam fluid in small pipe applications
AST4600 Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitter
Accurately measure pressure in explosion-proof areas from 1 to 20,000 PSI
Krohne OPTIMASS 3000 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Accurately measures fluids, gases and solids in a variety of applications which feature low process flows
Krohne H250-F Variable Area Flow Meter
Rugged, all-metal flow meter for liquids, gases and saturated steam in hygienic applications
Badger Meter M3000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Non-intrusive flow meter with Class I, Div 2 hazardous location approval for almost any conductive fluid or slurry
GPI GF Series Turbine Flow Meter
Precision turbine flow meters with flanged process connection
Macnaught MX Series Hazardous Area Industrial Flow Meters
Positive displacement oval gear flow meter designed for industrial fluid measurement in intrinsically safe & explosion proof applications
Dwyer TTE Temperature Transmitter
Explosion-proof RTD temperature transmitter ideal for hazardous temperature measurement applications
Rosemount 3051SFP ProPlate Flow Meter
Reliable volumetric flow meter with integrated pressure transmitter for simple, cost-effective installation
Micro Motion LF-Series Coriolis Flow Meters
Extremely low-flow and density measurement, down to 0.001kg/hr, and palm-sized for tight spaces
Panametrics PanaFlow Z1G Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Single-path metering system designed for the measurement of virtually any gas especially those with high levels of impurities
Panametrics PanaFlow MV82 Flow Meter
Insertion vortex flow meter ideal for steam and gas applications
Krohne OPTIFLUX 6000 Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
Electromagnetic flow sensor / magmeter for sanitary and hygienic applications
Dwyer AT2200 Series Magnehelic Pressure Gauges
Accurate, low pressure gauge with a flameproof ATEX-approved enclosure
Blancett Quiksert Flow Meter
1 to 10 inch wafer-style turbine flow meters with 0.6 to 5000 GPM optional flow rates
Rosemount Analytical 975HR Flame Detector
Multi-spectrum infrared sensing detects hydrocarbon and hydrogen flames at long distances with high false alarm immunity
AST4510 Submersible Pressure Transducer
Intrinsically safe and ABS certified submersible pressure transducer with 4-20mA or voltage outputs, pressures from 1 to 15 PSIG
AW Gear Meters JV-CG Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Flow ranges 0.001 to 20 GPM for non-lubricating fluids
Krohne OPTIFLUX 5000F-SW Sandwich Style Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
Sandwich style electromagnetic flow sensor / magmeter (1/10 to 4 inch diameter)
Blancett Quiksert Gas Flow Meter
Highly accurate wafer style inline turbine flow meter for gases
Krohne Altosonic V12 Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter
12-chord ultrasonic gas flow meter for custody transfer
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AST43LP Non-incendive Pressure Transmitter
Low pressure, non-incendive rated pressure transducer for monitoring pressure or level from 1 to 15 psig
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Rosemount Analytical 975MR Flame Detector
Multi-spectrum infrared sensing detects hydrocarbon fuel and gas fires with superior reliability and high false alarm immunity
Krohne H250-C Variable Area Flow Meter
Rugged, all-metal design with PTFE/ceramic liner for aggressive media
Rosemount 2051CFP Integral Orifice Flowmeter
Combines the 2051C pressure transmitter and the latest primary element technology
Panametrics PanaFlow Z3 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Three-path, correlation transit time model with bidirectional measurement range from -82 to 82 ft/s and XMT1000 electronics
Badger Meter RCT1000 Transmitter
NEMA 4 (IP-65) enclosure, temp range: 14 to 160°F (-10 to 70°C), built–in 100 Ω Platinum RTD within the sensor body
Krohne OPTIFLUX 5000F-FL Flanged Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
Flanged electromagnetic flow sensor / magmeter (1/2 to 10 inch diameter)
Keller 33 X Ed / 35 X Ed Pressure Transmitter
Pressure proof housing for hazardous locations, microcontroller-based electronic evaluation to ensure maximum accuracy
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ScanSense Wing Union Pressure Transmitter
Intrinsically safe hammer union pressure transducer designed for use in harsh environments like offshore drilling
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AW Gear Meters JVS-SLG Series Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Positive displacement flow meters for water and solvent-based paints and coatings
GPI GSCPS Series Turbine Flow Meter
High Temperature precision turbine flow meters with sanitary clamp process connection with 3-A sanitary rating
E+E EE300Ex-HT Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
Intrinsically safe applications, designed for measurement in explosion hazard areas, complies with ATEX, IECEx and FM, stainless steel
APG PT-400 Pressure Transducer
Highly accurate, intrinsically safe pressure sensor with ranges to 10,000 psi is designed to handle the toughest applications
Krohne Altosonic III
Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Custody Transfer
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GPI GSCP Series Turbine Flow Meter
Precision turbine flow meters with Tri-Clover sanitary clamp process connection
APG 1502 HU Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter
Hammer union pressure transducer with 1502 process connection is built for extreme pressure, high vibration, and rough handling
Dwyer HHT Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
Explosion-proof and intrinsically-safe humidity/temperature transmitter for accurate measurements in the harshest of environments
Rosemount Analytical 5081FG Oxygen Analyzer
Two-Wire In Situ Oxygen Analyzer (550° to 1400°C), accuracy ±1.5% of reading, intrinsically safe
AST4400 Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitter
High quality stainless steel, hastelloy or inconel pressure transmitter certified for intrinsically safe areas with approved barrier
Mercoid 3200G Pressure Transmitter
High-performance, explosion-proof pressure transmitter with push button configuration and HART® Communication
Badger Meter M4000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Non-intrusive flow meter with Class I, Div 1 hazardous location approval for almost any conductive fluid or slurry
Honeywell Sensepoint XCD RFD Transmitter
3-wire, 4-20mA gas detector transmitter for use with remotely mounted flammable gas detectors
GPI G Series Turbine Flow Meter
Precision turbine flow meters with NPT, BSP or ISO process connection
AW Gear Meters SRZ Helical Gear Flow Meters
Measures polyurethanes and polymer, glues and sealing materials and heavy fuel oils
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Mercoid 3100 Differential Pressure Transmitter
Explosion-proof differential pressure transmitter with optional multiplanar design for simplified installation
Keller 35X HT / 35X HTT Pressure Transmitters
Piezoresistive pressure transmitter for applications in bio-reactors or autoclaves, pressure ranges of -1 up to 30 bar
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RKI Instruments EAGLE Portable Gas Monitor
Simultaneously detects up to 6 gases, featuring autocalibration & single gas calibration with audible & visual alarms
AST46HA High Pressure Transmitter
Explosion-proof transducer, CSA approved for hazardous locations, measures up to 20,000 psi
RKI Instruments 03 Series Single Gas Monitor
Hands free personal gas monitoring for LEL, CO, H2S or O2 with datalogging capability
W.E. Anderson OLS Level Switch
Low cost, compact optical level switch with LED indication and no moving parts
Dwyer ISDP Pressure Transmitter
Intrinsically safe differential pressure transmitter for hazardous zone pressure and flow applications
NoShok 625 / 626 Series Pressure Transmitters
Intrinsically safe pressure transmitters for hazardous locations and for vapor recovery
MTL 949X Power Supplies
Intrinsically safe isolated power supplies are ideal for providing power to instrumentation in hazardous process areas
Keller 23 Ed / 25 Ed Pressure Transmitters
Piezoresistive pressure transmitters with pressure proof housing are approved for use in explosion risk areas of group II
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Dwyer AT2605 Series Magnehelic Indicating Pressure Transmitters
Provides both visual monitoring and electronic control of very low differential pressure in a flameproof ATEX enclosure
WIKA CTH65I0 ATEX Precision Thermometer
Intrinsically safe 1 or 2 channel precision hand-held thermometer with Pt100 probe options
Krohne Altosonic V
High precision device for custody transfer of petroleum, petroleum products and liquefied gas.
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NoShok 628 Hammer Union Pressure Transmitters
Intrinsically safe hammer union pressure transmitters for measuring pressure to 20,000 psig
AW Gear Meters JVK Series Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Positive displacement flow meter with Kynar body for acid and caustic chemicals
Fluke 707Ex IS Loop Calibrator
Intrinsically safe milliamp calibrator for sourcing and measuring current loops, from 0 to 24mA, in explosion endangered areas
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APG 2202 HU Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter
Hammer union pressure transducer with 2202 process connection is built for extreme pressure, high vibration, and rough handling
Rosemount 751 Field Signal Indicator
Field signal conditioner for Rosemount transmitters, LCD or analog meter
Rosemount Analytical 975 Tilt Mount
Provides accurate directional selection to optimize area coverage for Rosemount Analytical 975 flame detectors
Rosemount Analytical 975 Cone Viewer
Enables designers & installers to optimize detector location & assess the actual coverage of installed detectors
Rosemount Analytical 975 Duct Mount
Allows flame detection in areas where high temperatures exist or where the detector cannot be installed inside the area
Rosemount Analytical 5081FG Test Probes
Test probe to verify mechanical installation/application, no cell included
Rosemount Analytical Hazardous Area Oxymitter Cable
Hazardous area oxymitter cable, 20' up to 200' options
Rosemount Analytical 975 Pipe Mount
2" and 3" pipe mount kits for Rosemount Analytical 975 flame detectors