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  • PT100 sensor, α = 0.00385
    • -58 to 842°F (-50 to 450°C) thin film element
    • -321 to 572°F (-196 to 300°C) wire wound element
  • Minimum insulation resistance measured at 500VDC
    • 1000MΩ at room temperature
    • 400MΩ at max temperature
  • 10.8 seconds max time response required to reach 50%
  • ±0.15°C (0.059Ω) max ice-point resistance shift
    • Following 1,000 hours at max temp
  • Self heating of an average of 0.32 °C/mW
  • Spring-loaded sensor mounting styles available
  • Hazardous location product approvals optional
  • Rosemount 0065 Metric RTD Sensor
  • Rosemount 0068 RTD Sensor
  • Rosemount 0078 RTD Sensor
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The Rosemount 214C RTD is a high accuracy, single or dual element resistance temperature detector designed to optimize plant efficiency and increase measurement reliability. The 214C utilizes industry-proven design and specifications along with state of the art manufacturing processes to provide flexible and reliable temperature measurements in process monitoring and control environments.

The 214C RTD uses the industry-standard PT100 sensor type. It is available using a thin film element, better in vibration and physical shock, or a wire wound element for a wider temperature range and better for low-temperature applications. Numerous calibration ranges which include multiple points and Callendar-Van Dusen constants, allow for unmatched accuracy.

Specifications are defined by measurements collected per methods defined in IEC 60751:2008. Effects of temperature cycling for the 214C RTD are ±0.15°C (0.059Ω) maximum ice-point resistance shift following 10 cycles over the maximum specified temperature range. The hysteresis is ±0.50 °C (0.185 ) maximum ice-point resistance shift over the maximum specified temperature range.

Rosemount 214C temperature sensors are available with immersion lengths from 2 to 78-1/2 inches (50 to 2000mm) in 1/4-inch (5mm) increments. All sensor styles and lengths have a standard 1/4-inch (6mm) nominal diameter. Multiple options for connection heads, accuracy, mounting styles, extensions and other factors are also available.

The Rosemount 214C temperature sensors can be combined with process-ready or hand-tight transmitter, sensor, and/or thermowell assemblies to deliver a complete temperature solution.

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