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  • -60 to 150°C (-58 to 302°F) process temperature
  • -1 to 40bar process pressure
  • Up to 3m (9.8 ft) sensor length
  • Up to 10,000mm2/s (cSt) viscosity
  • Heartbeat Technology
  • Bluetooth® Operation and maintenance SmartBlue App
  • RFID TAG for easy identification


The E+H FTL62 Liquiphant level switch is a point level switch for all liquids, designed for minimum or maximum detection in tanks, vessels and piping, even in hazardous areas. It is an ideal substitute for float switches as the reliable function is not affected by flow, turbulence, air bubbles, foam, vibration, solids content or buildup.

The vibronic device is determined for a safe and active measuring technology in aggressive liquids and want a reliable and proven point level detection for tank overfill prevention and pump dry run protection. The FTL62 is easy to use, has a digital connection and gives a real-time data at hand.

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Part Number Price Available
FTL62-AAA4BAANN2DNAAADJ 30.00inch Call for information 3 Call to order
FTL62-AAA2AAHPQ2DQAAAAJLA 20,00inch Call for information 3 Call to order
FTL62-AAA4BAHPQ2DQAAADJ 9.00inch Call for information 2 Call to order
FTL62-AAA4BAHPQ2DQAAADJ 17.00inch Call for information 2 Call to order

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