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  • Simple, 4-20 mA two-wire connection
  • Fast response planar sensor
  • Integral filtering and flow regulation
  • Trouble-free indoor or outdoor mounting
  • Microprocessor in NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure
  • FM approval (Class 1) – Division 2 standard


The Panametrics DewPro MMY30, formerly General Eastern, is a loop-powered dew point transmitter. The DewPro MMY30 is specifically designed to meet the needs of the desiccant air dryers marketplace. Because of the "three in one concept", the MMY30 dew point transmitter is unique in the market. The sensor, the sample conditioning system, and the 2-wire loop-powered transmitter are included in one compact design.

Measurement at either atmospheric pressure or line pressure is possible depending on the location of the calibrated orifice fitting at the inlet or the outlet. Mounted either in a header outlet or in a purge exhaust line, the DewPro MMY30 dew point transmitter can provide precise control of dryer tower switching and continuous management of air supply and energy usage. Other applications might be applicable for usage of the MMY30 as well.

Dew point transmitter probes from the DewPro MMY30 Series are available as options to display the measurement in dew point temperature or ppm-v. In addition, they provide a user interface for adjusting the functionality of the MMY30. The DewPro MMY30 is designed intrinsically safe which enables installation in zone 2 with a manufacturer declaration.

Applications for the DewPro MMY30 Dew Point Transmitter Probe

  • Air dryers control
  • Instrument air control
  • Process gas manufacturing