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  • 1 up to 10,000psi
    • Custom pressure ranges available
  • -67 to 257°F (–55 to 125°C) operating temp
  • Accuracy in full scale, best straight line
    • ±0.20% industrial
    • ±0.10% improved
    • ±0.04% premium
  • 3.5 kHz frequency response
  • Stainless steel construction
  • mV, mA, voltage & configurable voltage outputs
  • Multiple electrical & pressure connection options
    • Custom cable lengths available
  • High over pressure capability
  • Hazardous area certifications
Custom pressure ranges and cable lengths are available upon request. Please contact us for details.


The Druck UNIK 5000 pressure sensing platform is a high performance configurable solution to pressure measurement. The use of Druck silicon technology and analog circuitry enables best in class performance for stability, low power and frequency response. The new platform enables you to easily build up your own sensor to match your own precise needs. This high performance, configurable solution to pressure measurement employs modular design and lean manufacturing techniques.

UNIK 5000 sensors are available with pressure ranges from 1 to 10,000psi. There are three grades of performance (Industrial, Improved and Premium), offering accuracies from 0.2% to 0.04%. A wide range of pressure connectors, electrical connectors, and electrical outputs are available to suit most environments with operating temperature ranges from -67 to 257°F. All units feature high overpressure capability, are constructed from high grade stainless steel and are compliant with global and regional certification bodies (pending).

High levels of performance have been achieved without the use of digital electronics making UNIK5000 sensors particularly well suited to sensitive applications, such as those requiring low power, low noise pulse power and fast response.

UNIK5000 Applications include:

  • Depth and Level
  • Industry and process
  • Oil and Gas
  • Aerospace
  • Power Generation
  • Marine

Custom pressure ranges and cable lengths are available upon request. Please contact us for details.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Universal Pressure Sensor

The Background: Our customer builds control systems for many industries including military, oil & gas, aerospace, power generation, transportation and others. They seek a universal pressure transmitter that can be used for multiple applications.

The Problem: The customer has multiple needs for pressure transmitters. Until now they have had limited choices of transmitters for specific applications. They want a single transmitter platform that would meet all their application requirements such as selectable electric output signals and connectors, hazardous area approvals, accuracies, process connections, pressure ranges and compensated temperature ranges.

The Solution: We suggested the GE Druck UNIK5000 Druck Pressure Transmitter which is available in a very wide range of configurations including all of the above options. The company now uses this pressure sensing platform for hundreds of applications.

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