Panametrics DewPro MMY31 Dew Point Transmitter
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  • Simple installed in-line measurement
  • Easy 4-20 mA loop powered electrical connection
  • Fast response planar sensor
  • Field calibration with the optional MMY245
  • Robust industrial design and IP65 enclosure

The Panametrics DewPro MMY31, formerly General Eastern, dew point transmitter probe measures dew point or ppmv in dry gases. The DewPro MMY31 dew point probe is a cost effective, loop powered dew point transmitter designed for "in-line" installation where a trace moisture measurement is required, but display, alarms, and other features are not needed.

The Panametrics DewPro MMY31 dew point transmitter probe features a planar capacitive aluminum oxide sensor, which provides excellent corrosion resistance, longer calibration stability, quick responses times, and an exceptionally low temperature coefficient.

The DewPro MMY31 dew point transmitter probe from Panametrics mounts directly in-line for applications such as glove boxes, where a bypass is not appropriate but can also be used behind a desiccant dryer. The DewPro MMY31 is easily installed via a 1/2" MNPT or G 1/2" compression fitting with an adjustable insertion length.

Applications for the Panametrics DewPro MMY31 Dew Point Transmitter Probe

  • Glove boxes
  • Environmental chambers
  • Process air control
  • In-line process measurements
Part Number Price Available
Show Configuration
Base Price
FM-Approved intrinsically safe Class I, II, III, Div. 1, Grps. A-G (+$315.00)
Process Connection
1/2" M NPT, compression fitting (+$110.00)
Protective Cap
Standard with 100 micron sintered filter
Enclosure Conduit
M20 x 1.5-F with 1/2" F NPT adapter and plug
Units, Range, Display, Fault Status
With integral display/ user interface, included moisture unit ppm(v) (+$450.00)
$3,755.00 1

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