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  • Hand-held portable design
  • Intrinsically safe
  • IP67 rated
  • Large graphic display
  • Internal data logger
  • IrDA communication with PC
  • Stores up to 60 log/site files
  • Simple programming via graphic user interface

What's in the Box

  • PM880 Hygrometer
  • Sample system
  • Moisture probe and cable
  • Battery charger
  • Zippered soft carrying case
  • Manual
  • PanaLog Viewer software CD

The Panametrics PM880 hygrometer is a complete, intrinsically safe, portable system with options and accessories to meet all industrial moisture measurement needs. This hygrometer is small, lightweight, and easy to use. The large LCD displays moisture readings in dew point (°C or °F), ppmv, ppmw, lb/MMSCF (natural gas), and a variety of other unit options. Data can be viewed in alphanumeric or graphic formats. A rechargeable battery pack and battery charger make this the ideal go-anywhere moisture analyzer.

Multiple probes are available for the PM880 packages. The M2L probe is a 3/4" - 16 straight thread process connection with Viton® O-ring seal, made out of 300 series stainless steel with a pressure rating of 5 microns of Hg to 5000 PSIG. Both have a calibration range of -80 to 20°C dew/frost point with data to -110°C.

The MISP2 probe is a microprocessor based Moisture Image Series Probe with thin film aluminum oxide moisture sensor, 16 bit resolution and non volatile calibration data storage. The mount is a 3/4" straight thread process connection with o-ring seal.

The Sample System can include a regulator and a flowmeter. The regulator is equipped with a 3000 PSIG inlet pressure and 0 to 50 PSIG outlet pressure. The flowmeter has a flow range of 1.3 to 13 SCFH with 4000 PSIG maximum pressure.

All items may be ordered individually, please see specific product pages.

Panametrics Panaview Software
Instrument Interface Software Version 1.4.8
In Stock
Panametrics PM880 Hygrometer
Intrinsically safe, portable moisture analyzer / hygrometer
Panametrics Portable Sample System
Portable sample system for moisture analysis using the PM880 hygrometer
In Stock
Panametrics MISP2 Probe
MISP2 aluminum oxide probe for use with Panametrics moisture.IQ and PM880 moisture analyzers
Panametrics M Series Moisture Probe
Aluminum oxide moisture probe for use with all Panametrics Infrastructure Sensing moisture analyzers
In Stock
Panametrics TF Series Probe
Aluminum oxide moisture-sensor probe for use with MIS 1, MIS 2 and MMS 3 moisture analyzers
Panametrics Battery Pack for PM880
Battery pack for PM880 Hygrometer
In Stock
Panametrics PM880 Flexible Hose
Flexible hose with Tefon core tube with 300 series SS overbraid & 1/4 inch tube stub process connection
In Stock
Panametrics IRDA Cable
IRDA communication cable with DB9(F) connector for PC to PT878 and PM880 communications
Panametrics Moisture Probe Calibration Service
Trace moisture sensor recalibrations for M2, TF, MISP2, HYGRORTE, IQPROBE, and VERIDRI probes
Panametrics IRDA Cable with USB
IRDA communication cable with USB connector for PC to PT878 and PM880 communications


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