Bently Nevada 177230 Seismic Transmitter
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  • Ease of implementation and use
    • Interfaces with PLCs and control systems (like DCS and SCADA)
    • Provides a quick learning curve for operations and maintenance
    • Requires no field configuration or adjustments
    • Needs few additional parts for a complete system
    • Includes self-test
    • Incorporates protected interface
    • Supports a variety of interface cables
  • Data Quality
    • Provides accurate and repeatable data
    • Uses simple data format
    • Provides raw vibration signal for verification and analysis
  • EHS Compliant
    • Implements safe and ergonomic design
    • Supports access to hazardous areas
  • Incorporates robust CM design for reliability
  • Implements Industry standard 4 to 20mA loop-powered transmitter

The Bently Nevada 177230 Seismic Transmitter provides a 4-20 mA signal proportional to the 0-1 inch/sec 0-pk velocity movement of a roller element bearing housing or machinery housing. It is designed for use on non-critical machines. The transmitter automatically integrates the acceleration signal on the machine to vibration prior to sending the signal to the controller. The Seismic Transmitter also has a dynamic acceleration waveform output for advanced diagnostics that is accessible at the non-sensor end of the field wiring through either a patch panel or some other wiring technique.

The Bently Nevada 177230 Seismic Transmitter combines a reliable design with ease of installation and maintenance which to reduce training and service costs. When integrated into the PLC or controls system of an overall plant asset condition monitoring solution, the transducer will help users better manage downtime, optimize maintenance planning, and avoid unforeseen catastrophic failures of machinery assets.


Bently Nevada Extension Cable
Standard or armored 22 AWG cable
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Bently Nevada Technical Training
Training and consulting for applications involving all facets of power generation, mechanical drives, and petro-chemical industries
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Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

Monitoring Bearings on a Cone Crusher

The Background: The customer, a mining company, is using a cone crusher to crush ore and needs to monitor the bearings for wear before they fail.

The Problem: When the bearings on the cone crusher wear out and fail, it results in metal-on-metal contact quickly resulting in expensive damage. The customer needed something to both trend the life of the bearings as well as shut down the crusher before damage to the crusher occurs.

The Solution: A GE Bently Nevada 177230 Seismic Transmitter was hooked up to the customer’s programmable logic controller via the analog output signal. They programmed a high vibration setpoint which will indicate when the bearing fails and immediately shut down the crusher before any damage occurs. The customer has standardized this set-up and plans to use it on all of their crushing equipment.

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0 to 25.4mm/s (0 to 1.0in/s)
10Hz to 1kHz
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