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PIE 820 / 820PM Multifunction Process Calibrator
Reads milliamp, voltage, frequency, thermocouples, RTDs & checks continuity, with panel mount option
Isotech Model 836 Miniature Fixed Resistor
Resistances of 10, 25, 100, 1,000 & 10,000Ω with up to < 0.09 ppm uncertainty
Ametek RTC-158 & RTC-250 Reference Temperature Calibrators
Combines dry block and liquid bath technology to calibrate oddly sized and shaped sensors or multiple sensors at once
Druck DPI 620 Genii Multifunction Calibrator
Pressure measurement & generation with electrical, frequency & temp functions with HART communicator & foundation fieldbus optional
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Transmille 3010/3041 Multi-Product Calibrator
Precision, multiproduct calibrator with up to 8 ppm accuracy
Transmille 3050 Multi-Product Calibrator
Precision, multi-product calibrator with 50 ppm accuracy
Ametek CTC Series Temperature Calibrators
Fast, time-saving, reliable dry block temperature calibrator designed for on-site use. CTC-155, CTC-350, and CTC-660
Fluke Calibration 9100S/9102S Temperature Calibrators (formerly Hart Scientific)
The smallest, lightest, and most portable dry-well temperature calibrators in the world
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Druck DPI 620 Genii-IS Multifunction Calibrator
ATEX and IECEx approved intrinsically safe pressure calibration with electrical & temperature functions for use in hazardous areas
Fluke 754 Process Calibrator
Integrated HART communication capability, sources, simulates and measures pressure, temperature, and electrical signals
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Ametek RTC-700 Reference Temperature Calibrator
Triple-zone heating technology provides precise temperature calibration of any type temperature sensor
Fluke 725 Multifunction Process Calibrator
Measure and source mA, volts, temperature (RTDs and thermocouples), frequency, ohms and pressure
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Additel ADT875 Dry Block Calibrator
Portable calibrator with temperature ranges from -40 to 1220°F offers multi-channel readout, HART & self calibration feature
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Ametek RTC-156 & RTC-157 Reference Temperature Calibrators
Dual-zone heating technology and dynamic load compensation for superior temperature homogeneity
Druck DPI 880 Multi-Function Calibrator
Ultra compact & simple-to-use portable multi-function calibrator
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Ametek ETC Series Temperature Calibrators
Small, lightweight temperature calibrator with dry block or infrared target capabilities
Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator
Measures and sources 12 thermocouple types and seven RTD types
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Transmille 1000 Series Multifunction Calibrator
Ultra-portable multi-product calibrator featuring 80ppm accuracy with the functionality of calibrators twice the size
Isotech Venus 4951 Temperature Calibrator
Isocal-6 portable liquid bath and dry block calibrator for temperatures from -35 to 140°C
IKM TC Series Temperature Calibrators
Portable and accurate dry block temperature calibrators, previously branded ScanSense and Tek Know
Druck TC Series Dry Block / Liquid Bath Temperature Calibrators
Provide solutions for testing temperature devices over a range of temperatures from -35°C to 650°C (-30°F to 1200°F)
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Fluke Calibration Micro-Baths (formerly Hart Scientific)
World's smallest portable calibration baths
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Isotech Pegasus 4853 Dry Block Calibrator
150 to 1200°C high-temperature thermocouple calibration furnace
Yokogawa CA71 Handy CAL Calibrator
Multifunction calibrator simultaneously generates and measures voltage, current, TC, RTD, and pulse signals
Fluke Calibration 914X Field Metrology Wells (formerly Hart Scientific)
The 9142, 9143, & 9144 are for high performance, portable, and fast temperature calibration
Ametek PTC Series Temperature Calibrators
Accurate, dual-zone heating technology, color VGA display
Tel-Tru Check-Set Thermometer Calibrators
Calibration and accuracy verification for a wide range of thermometers and temperature measurement instruments
Isotech Jupiter 4852 Dry Block Calibrator
High-temperature, 95 to 1220°F (35 to 660°C), ideal for thermocouple & platinum resistance thermometer calibration
Ametek RTC-159 Reference Temperature Calibrator
Measuring temp range: -148 to 311°F (-100 to 155°C), dual-zone technology, DLC and reference sensor options
Fluke Calibration Dry-Well Temperature Calibrator (formerly Hart Scientific)
Fluke 726 Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator
Measure, source, and view process signals simultaneously with accuracies of 0.01%
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Accurate Thermal Systems ThermCal400 Temperature Calibrator
Portable, light weight, temp range: ambient +5 (+9°F) to 400°C (752°F), 12 minute heat up time and 20 minute cool down, stainless steel top and bottom
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Ametek MTC Series Marine Temperature Calibrators
Portable temperature calibrators designed specifically for marine applications
Fluke Calibration 4180/4181 Infrared Calibrator (formerly Hart Scientific)
Precision infrared calibrator is small enough for field use and accurate enough for lab use
Isotech Europa 4520 Temperature Calibrator
Isocal-6 portable liquid bath and dry block calibrator for temperatures from -45 to 140°C
Fluke Calibration Portable Infrared Calibrator (formerly Hart Scientific)
Stable blackbody targets for calibrating non-contact infrared thermometers from -30°C to 500°C (-22°F to 932°F)
Fluke 7526A Precision Process Calibrator
Sources and measures dc voltage, current, resistance, RTDs and thermocouples
Additel ADT 221A Multifunction Temperature Calibrator
Process tool for measuring, sourcing & simulating mA, mV, V, RTDs, thermocouples, ohms, frequency & pulses
Additel ADT 223A Documenting Process Calibrator
Hart communication process tool to measure, source & simulate mA, mV, V, RTDs, thermocouples, ohms, frequency, pulses & pressure
Isotech Hyperion 4936 Temperature Calibrator
Isocal-6 portable stirred liquid bath calibrator for temperatures from -25 to 140°C, Dry-Block conversion capable
Fluke 725Ex Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Calibrator
Measure and source mA, volts, temperature (RTDs and thermocouples), frequency, ohms and pressure in explosion endangered areas
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PIE 830 / 830PM Multifunction Process Calibrator
High accuracy diagnostic calibrator with dual display, sources & measures mA , mV, V, ohms, frequency to 20 KHz, 14 TCs & 9 RTDs
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Fluke Calibration 525B Temperature & Pressure Calibrator
Sources and measures a complete range of RTDs, thermocouples, and thermistors while measuring pressure up to 10,000 psi
Fluke Calibration Model 9009 Dual-Block Calibrator (formerly Hart Scientific)
Simultaneous calibration of hot and cold temperatures
Druck DPI 822 Thermocouple Loop Calibrator
Thermocouple calibrator with optional loop calibrator
Transmille 9000 Series Multi-Product Calibrator
Can calibrate over 18 types of instruments to an accuracy of up to 25 ppm
Isotech Calisto 4953 Temperature Calibrator
Isocal-6 portable liquid bath and dry block calibrator for temperatures from 30 to 250°C
Fluke 753 Series Process Calibrators
Sources, simulates and measures pressure, temperature, and electrical signals
Isotech Fast-Cal Dry Block Calibrator
Calibrate temperatures from -30 to 1200°F in a rugged stainless steel case
Fluke Calibration Metrology Well Calibrator (formerly Hart Scientific)
These 9170 (aka 917X) series calibrators offer bath-level performance with dry-well functionality
Martel 3001 Multi-Function Calibrator
Lab standard multi-function calibrator with isolated measurement channel
Fluke 714B Temperature Calibrator
Measures and simulates 17 different thermocouple types, measure 4 to 20 mA signals while simultaneously sourcing a temperature signal
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Fluke 712B RTD Temperature Calibrator
Measures & simulates 13 different RTD types & resistance, measures 4-20mA signals while simultaneously sourcing a temperature signal
WIKA CER6000 Reference Resistors
4-wire reference resistors offer high accuracy and stability for voltage and resistance in calibration laboratories
PIE 520B and 521B Thermocouple Simulators
Simulate standard thermocouple curves over the entire industrial temperature range
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Martel MC-1210 Multi-Function Calibrator
Precision, dual display multi-function calibrator
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Yokogawa CA150 Calibrator
Multi-function, precision calibrator for calibrating and testing industrial process devices and electronic equipment
Isotech 970 Pegasus R Blackbody Source
High-temperature blackbody source temperature calibrator for 150 to 1200°C (2192°F)
PIE 510B and 511B RTD Simulators
Connects directly to the RTD inputs of smart transmitters, PLCs, DCS and multichannel recorders to verify their outputs or displays
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Druck DPI 812 RTD Calibrator
Provide simultaneous RTD output and mA measurement for transmitter / loop maintenance
Extech Oyster Multifunction Process Calibrator
Precision source and measure for thermocouples (Types J, K, and T) mA, mV, and V devices
Isotech QuickCal 550
Fast, compact handheld temperature calibrator (30°C to 350°C)
Leyro LCB Micro Bath Temperature Calibrator
Portable calibration bath with 0.7 liter well capacity, available in two models: LCB 50 (86 to 437°F) or LCB 30 (-31 to 329°F)
PIE 525B Thermocouple & RTD Calibrator
Automated, high accuracy meter calibrates 14 thermocouple and 12 RTD types
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Fluke Calibration Model 3125 Surface Calibrator (formerly Hart Scientific)
Stable and uniform surface calibrator for temperatures up to 400°C
Martel PTC-8010 RTD and Thermocouple Calibrator
Precision universal temperature, RTD and thermocouple calibration device
WIKA CTI5000 Infrared Calibrator
122 to 932°F (50 to 500 °C) application range, testing and calibration of non-contact temperature measuring instruments
Isotech 976 Gemini R
Blackbody Source Infrared Calibrators: 30 to 550°C
Isotech Drago 4934 Temperature Calibrator
Isocal-6 portable liquid bath calibrator for temperatures from 30 to 250°C, Dry-Block conversion capable
PIE 211 Automated RTD Calibrator
Check and calibrate all RTD instruments and measure RTD sensors
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Isotech 550-02 Quick-Cal R
Economical Blackbody Source Temperature Calibrator for Low-End Thermometers
Kaye Uniform Temperature Reference
Provides cold junction temperature measurement for up to 64 thermocouples with twice the accuracy of conventional models
Isotech Gemini 4857 Dry Block Calibrator
Fixed or removable insert dry block temperature calibrators, range choice of 35 to 550ºC or 50 to 700ºC
Fluke Calibration 7109A Low Temperature Calibration Bath
Portable unit with -13 to 284°F temperature range that calibrates 4 sensors at once for less downtime during calibrations
Additel ADT 222A Multifunction Process Calibrator
Process tool for measuring, sourcing & simulating mA, mV, V, RTDs, thermocouples, ohms, frequency, pulses & pressure
Accurate Thermal Systems ThermCal130 Temperature Calibrator
Small, rugged, light weight and highly portable dry block calibrator is easy to use right out of the box
Fluke Calibration Model 9150 Thermocouple Furnace (formerly Hart Scientific)
Temperature range to 1200°C and a display accuracy of ±5°C across entire range
PIE 820-Elite Multifunction Process Calibrator
Designed for those who require the best tools, the PIE 820-Elite performs the work of 8 single function calibrators
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Kaye Ice Point Temperature Reference
Provides zero long term drift maintaining reference temperature at 0°C
PIE 422 / 422Plus Thermocouple Calibrator
Source & read 14 thermocouple types, available as single channel thermocouple or dual channel thermocouple & milliamps
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Fluke Calibration 9190A Field Metrology Well (formerly Hart Scientific)
Ultra-cool dry-block calibrator, ideal for applications that demand strict quality control and regulatory process compliance
Isotech Saturn 877 Thermocouple Calibration Sphere
Spherical Designed Thermocouple Calibrator, temperature range 212 to 2372°F (100 to 1300°C)
Martel DMC-1410 Documenting Multi-Function Calibrator
A precision dual display documenting calibrator
Martel MC-1010 Multi-Function Calibrator
High accuracy, multi-function process calibrator
PolyScience 15 Liter Calibration Baths
15 liter calibration baths provide ultra-precise temperature control over an extremely broad temperature range
Ametek RTC-187 Reference Temperature Calibrator
Dynamic load compensation for superior temperature homogeneity & expanded range of -45 to 180°C
Extech PRC30 Process Calibrator
Precision source and measure for thermocouples (Type J, K, T, E, C, R, S, N), mA, mV, and V devices, 24V loop power
Isotech Model 878 Cyclops Blackbody Source
Temperature range of 150 to 1300°C (2372°F) available with apertures of 17 or 45mm
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WIKA CTB9500 Calibration Bath
82.4 to 572°F (-45 to 200°C) temperature range, 5.7in color touchscreen, 2 x USB (host, device), ethernet, RS-232 interface
Extech 412300A / 412355A Current and Voltage Calibrator / Meter
Calibrate process devices and measure DC process signals from 0 to 24mA and 0 to 10V
WIKA CTD9100-COOL Temperature Dry Well Calibrator
On-site calibration, temperature range up to 392°F, compact design and low weight
Isotech 982 Hyperion Blackbody Source
Low-temperature blackbody source infrared calibrator: -10°C to +80°C
Fluke Calibration 6109A High Temperature Calibration Bath
Portable unit with 95 to 482°F temperature range that calibrates 4 sensors at once for less downtime during calibrations
PIE 322 Thermocouple Calibrator
Source and read four thermocouple types J, K, T & E plus 13.000 to 80.000 mV
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Isotech 988 Blackbody Source
An internal solid state thermo-electric pump heats or cools a 70mm diameter ridged plate to a user selected temperature from 68 to 113°F
WIKA CTD9300-650 Dry Well Calibrator
Temperature range from 104 to 1,202°F, user friendly menus, short response times, on-site calibrations
Extech PRC20 Thermocouple Calibrator
Source and measure 8 thermocouple type devices (J, K, T, E, C, R, S and N) with one meter that provides precision output displayed as °C/°F or mV.
PIE 525 Plus Thermocouple & Milliamp Calibrator
Combines all the functions of a diagnostic milliamp calibrator with the accuracy of a laboratory thermocouple and RTD calibrator
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PIE 311 / 311Plus Automated Universal RTD Calibrator
Read & source RTDs with ±0.015% accuracy, available as single channel RTD or dual channel RTD & milliamps
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Ametek ASM Series Signal Multi Scanner
Design your own calibration procedures, calibrate 24 temperature sensors
WIKA CTD9100-1100 Dry Well Calibrator
Testing and calibration of temperature measuring instruments, 392 to 2012°F temperature range, compact design
Isotech Slim Fixed Point Cells
Quartz and metal clad and water triple point cells with 99.9999% purity and uncertainty to ±0.1mk
WIKA CTD9100-ZERO Dry Well Calibrator
Simple calibration of thermometers at 0°C (32°F), tempering of thermocouple cold junctions, compact design
WIKA CTD9100-375 Dry Well Calibrators
Ambient up to 707°F (375°C) temperature range, ±0.5 to 0.8K accuracy, compact design, on-site calibration
Isotech Oberon R Blackbody Source
High-temperature fixed-point calibrator with a temperature range of 450 to 1090°C
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Isotech Greybody 975 Infrared Source
Economical greybody source for low-end thermometers
Isotech Oceanus 6 Temperature Calibrator
Temperature Range of 77 to 282°F (25 to 140°C) optional inserts for black body & liquid bath
Time Electronics 7000 Temperature Calibrator
Portable process control instrument that combines a precision digital thermometer (using RTD probes) with an RTD/ohms calibrator
Isotech Oberon 426 High Temperature Furnace
Suits aluminum, silver or copper fixed point cells and heat pipe technology provides nearly gradient free volume
Isotech MEDUSA POTTS Temperature Calibrator
3-Zone Block Calibrator for automated fixed points temperature range of 86 to 1292°F (30 to 700°C)
WIKA CTB9400 Calibration Bath
82.4 to 572°F (28 to 300°C) temperature range, 5.7in color touchscreen, 2 x USB (host, device), ethernet, RS-232 interface
WIKA CTD9300-165 Dry Well Calibrator
Temperature range from -31 to 329°F, user friendly menus, short response times, on-site calibrations
Isotech ITS-90 Isothermal Towers
Uniquely integrated device with known immersion characteristics conforming to CCT/2000-13 standards
Isotech Model 459 Cryostat
Adjustable comparison bath / block, temp range: -112 to -292°F
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Isotech 999 Medusa R Blackbody Source
Fixed-point primary source infrared calibrator: 30 to 550°C