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  • Measuring temp range: -148 to 311°F (-100 to 155°C)
  • Down to ±0.06°C (±0.11°F) using the external reference sensor
  • ±0.03˚C (±0.05°F) stability
  • 190 mm (6.3 inch) immersion depth
  • E, J, L, K, N, R, S, T, U, B thermocouple inputs
  • Dynamic Load Compensation (DLC) option
  • 5.7in full color VGA display


The Ametek Jofra RTC-159 Reference Temperature Calibrator is the most versatile temperature calibrator available with a temperature range that makes it especially ideal for use in the health care, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industries.

The RTC-159 can be used in many applications where either high heat or extreme cooling is needed. Intuitive to use and easy to run, the RTC-159 is equipped with a large informative, easy-to-read color display. The RTC-159 is lightweight and easy-to-carry and ensures durability.

The RTC-series features our Ametek's active dualzone heating technology. Each heating zone is independently controlled for precision temperature calibration. The homogeneity in the lower part is close to that of a laboratory liquid bath. The lower zone ensures optimum heat dissipation throughout the entire calibration zone. The upper zone compensates for heat loss from the sensor-under-test and from the open top. This design also eliminates the need for extra insulation of sensors-under-test and makes it possible to calibrate any type of mechanical sensors.

The RTC-159 can perform calibration over a very wide temperature range starting from -100°C and up to 155°C (-148 to 311°F). The patented technology makes it possible to perform calibration of sensors in applications ranging from ultra-coolers to autoclaves.