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  • Shielded or unshielded
  • Operates in temperature extremes
  • Easily reconfigured for different thermocouple types
  • Can be installed near test article in the test environment
  • Twice the accuracy of standard UTRs
  • ±0.1°C accuracy at steady state conditions for any terminal to cold junction sensor
  • Accommodates up to 48 channels (32 when shielding is required)
  • Rugged design permits mounting in test cell environment


The Kaye Uniform Temperature Reference (UTR) provides cold junction temperature measurement for up to 64 thermocouples with twice the accuracy of conventional models. Obtaining high-accuracy measurements from thermocouples requires instrumentation designed to minimize errors. Thermocouple conformity, the cold junction and its reference, the A/D converter and other analog system electronics all contribute to the overall system error. While the cold junction can contribute significantly to system error, this error can be minimized with a high-accuracy temperature reference.

The UTR provides this high level of accuracy through remote monitoring via a NIST-traceable RTD, which automatically performs compensation calculations. UTRs are passive mechanical devices requiring no external power. This highly accurate and durable design addresses all thermal errors induced by static and dynamic ambient conditions, providing a superior temperature-stable environment. The Uniform Temperature Reference is ideally suited for applications involving extreme temperatures, set-up flexibility, or uncontrolled environments.