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  • Temperature range:
    • CTC-155: -25 to 155°C (-13 to 311°F)
    • CTC-350: 28 to 350°C (82 to 662°F)
    • CTC-652: 28 to 650°C (82 to 1202°F)
    • CTC-660: 28 to 660°C (82 to 1220°F)
    • CTC-1205: 100 to 1205°C (212 to 2201°F)
  • Accuracy:
    • CTC-155: up to ±0.2˚C (±0.36˚F)
    • CTC-350: up to ±0.25˚C (±0.54˚F)
    • CTC-652: up to ±0.45°C (±0.81°F)
    • CTC-660: up to ±0.45˚C (±0.81˚F)
    • CTC-1205: up to ±2°C (±3.6°F)
  • Stability:
    • CTC-155: ±0.04˚C (±0.07˚F)
    • CTC-350: ±0.05˚C (±0.09˚F)
    • CTC-652: ±0.05°C (±0.09°F)
    • CTC-660: ±0.1˚C (±0.18˚F)
    • CTC-1205: ±0.1°C (±0.18°F)
  • Heating time:
    • CTC-155: 13 minutes (from 23 to 155°C / 73 to 311°F)
    • CTC-350: 6 minutes (from 23 to 350°C / 73 to 662°F)
    • CTC-652: 33 minutes (23 to 650°C / 73 to 1202°F)
    • CTC-660: 18 minutes (from 23 to 660°C / 73 to 1220°F)
    • CTC-1205: 50 minutes (from 23 to 1205°C / 73 to 2201°F)
  • Well depth: 115mm (120mm for CTC-155)
  • Well diameter: 26mm
  • Informative color display and intuitive operation
  • Wide range of insert options available
  • Optional input for external reference sensor
  • MVI circuitry ensures stability despite mains supply variations
  • Silent mode operation
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

What's in the Box

  • Mains power cable (user specified)
  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Tool for insertion tubes
  • Insert (user specified)
  • User manual
  • Test cables (1 x red, 1 x black)
  • USB cable
  • JofraCal calibration software


The Ametek Jofra CTC Series is a fast, time-saving, reliable dry block temperature calibrator designed for on-site use. Available in three models with ranges from -25 to 155°C (-13 to 311°F), 28 to 350°C (82 to 662°F), 28 to 660°C (82 to 1220°F), and 100 to 1205°C (212 to 2201°F); the CTC series offers the speed, portability, cleanliness, and wide temperature range which are all superior to liquid bath systems.

The CTC series provides exceptional accuracy and stability. The large color display is easy-to-read and provides icons and information regarding the status of the calibrator and the calibration in process. Popular functions like automatic switch test and auto stepping are available with special one-key-one-function buttons. When switching on the calibrator or connecting the reference sensor, the calibrator immediately warns you if any of the calibration certificates are overdue. A buzzer and warning appears. The recalibration interval can be set from 1 to 99 months.

The CTC series is available with an optional signal input for an external reference sensor. The sensor makes it possible to improve accuracy even more. The CTC can be run in two modes when using the external reference sensor. "External ref" mode is where the external reference sensor represents the True value. The "Set follows True" mode is where the reference sensor serves two purposes; measuring the reference temperature and at the same time controlling the block temperature to the set temperature

The Ametek Jofra CTC is supplied with our highly versatile calibration software JofraCal. All calibrations can be documented with a certificate, given that the CTC is controlled from a PC. When the calibrator has reached the desired temperature and stability it will prompt you to type in the UUT temperature. JofraCal documents all your calibration needs within temperature, pressure and process calibration.