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  • Temperature range: 77 to 282°F (25 to 140°C)
  • Accuracies: ±0.0002°C at water triple point
  • Dry or liquid bath
  • Windows software and PC interface
  • Volume: 50mm diameter x 300mm deep
  • Serial interface, PC adaptor cable and Cal Notepad
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The Isotech Oceanus 6 Temperature Calibrator provides complete calibration with a temperature range of 113°F (45°C) below ambient temperature to 284°F (140°C). It permits the calibration of temperature sensors absolutely (at fixed points of the ITS-90 scale), or by comparison to a reference standard.

The Oceanus 6 will calibrate both contact and non-contact thermometers, such as optical pyrometers, surface sensors, liquid-in-glass thermometers, as well as thermistors, thermocouples, and resistance thermometers, whether they are short, long, or oddly shaped. Further, it permits maintenance of reference standards by confirming the Ice or Water triple point at regular intervals.

The Oceanus-6 has a calibration volume of 52mm diameter x 300mm deep, and is supplied with the very latest technology digital indicator, timer, and controller, making the Oceanus-6 a complete, self-contained calibration laboratory. The Oceanus-6 offers unprecedented accuracies of ±0.0002°C (2 Sigma) at the Water triple point, and the Gallium melt temperature (29.7646°C), and up to ±0.005°C in the stirred bath option (by comparison).

Two versions of the Oceanus-6 are available - Basic and Site. The Basic model features a sophisticated temperature controller with a dual display for Set Temperature and Dry Block Temperature. Additionally, the Site model includes a built-in digital thermometer to which an external standard thermometer can be connected. The Isotech 935-14-85/DB Semi Standard PRT is the recommended accessory to maximize this feature. For Dry Block use, this will give the user a greater accuracy eliminating temperature gradient and loading errors.


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