Isotech Libra 785 Liquid Bath Calibrator
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  • Temperature ranges:
    • -112 to 257°F (-80 to 125°C)
    • -40 to 257°F (-40 to 125°C)
    • 86 to 572°F (30 to 300°C)
  • Volume: 98mm diameter, 485mm deep
  • Uncertainties to less than 1mK
  • 0.01°C display resolution
  • 3mm liquid height
  • Compliant to CE regulations

The Isotech Libra 785 Liquid Bath uses parallel tube assembly technology. The Libra 785 features temperature ranges as low as -112 to 257°F and all the way up to 86 to 572°F. The cooling power varies dynamically with the benefit of giving greater stability at lower temperatures. The bath has a maximum immersion of 485mm the fluid requirement is just 8.5 liters. This helps to lower operating costs as many other baths require a much larger volume of fluid, which in turn can be costly.

Isotech 915/01 Equalising Block
Aluminium or copper Equalizing Block for the Libra 785
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Isotech 785-02 Thermometer Support Kit
Liquid in Glass Thermometer Support Kit
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Isotech 796-03 Monocular and Support
Monocular and Support
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Isotech 796-05-03 Thermometer Stand Kit
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Isotech Silicone Oil
Silicone oil for the Orion 796
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