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  • Dry block or Infrared target models
  • Wide temperature range:
    • ETC-125A: -10 to 125°C
    • ETC-400A: 28 to 400°C
    • ETC-400R: 28 to 400°C
  • Heats up as quickly as 100°C per minute and stabilizes in just 3 minutes
  • Completes a 2-point test in less than 10 minutes
  • Fast one-key-one-function access
  • RS232 and JOFRACAL calibration software makes documentation easy
  • Multi information display
  • Auto stepping
  • Stability indicator
  • Count down timer (shows when unit is stable)
  • Programable maximum temperature
  • Fast simulation/training mode
  • Re-calibration from keyboard


The Ametek Jofra ETC series portable temperature calibrators are specifically designed for tests and verifications of temperature sensing devices in the field. These instruments are ideal when time is a critical factor and the highest accuracy is not a requirement. Reduced size and weight are important considerations as the units may fit into a toolbox or instrument carrying case, and can be used for sensors that are difficult to access.

The Ametek Jofra ETC series includes a One-key-one-function user interface which provides immediate access to setting the temperature and the auto-step timesaving function. The stability indicator provides audible and visual prompts when the temperature is stable. This function also includes a 3-minute countdown before the stable condition. Stainless steel and rubber side panels make the instrument suitable for many years of faithful duty in an industrial environment.

The Ametek Jofra ETC series includes JOFRACAL calibration software which ensures easy calibration of RTDs, thermocouples, transmitters, thermo-swithes, pressure gauges and pressure switches. JOFRACAL software controls the complete calibration procedure, stores the results and provides a calibration audit trail through hard-copy certificates. All calibration data are stored for each sensor to monitor drift and optimize recalibration intervals. A scheduler feature allows planning of future calibrations.

The Ametek Jofra ETC series is available in three models:

  • Ametek Jofra ETC-125A:

    The ETC-125A is a dry block calibrator with a temperature range of -10 to 125°C. This model is a simple yet effective tool for verifying temperature instruments that also require references below ambient temperatures: e.g. air-conditioning and cold counters. The predrilled holes allow the use of an insertion tube in the largest bore. This increases the flexibility to match many sensor-under-test sizes.
  • Ametek Jofra ETC-400A:

    The ETC-400A is a dry block calibrator with a temperature range of 28 to 400°C. This model is designed for optimal speed. The heating block is built around a highly efficient heating element. To reduce mass and increase effectiveness, there is no removable insertion tube; the holes are drilled directly into the block. The minimal mass offers an extremely fast heating and cooling time.
  • Ametek Jofra ETC-400R:

    The ETC-400R features an infrared target with a temperature range of 28 to 400°C. The 36 mm target provides the optimum size for reliable calibration of infrared thermometers in the process industry as it is designed for high accuracy and long-term stability while maintaining speed.

The Ametek Jofra ETC Series ships complete with the following:

  • Mains power cable
  • Traceable calibration certificate (temperature performance)
  • JOFRACAL calibration software
  • Manual
  • RS232 cable
  • Shoulder strap
  • 1 × predrilled insertion tube (ETC-125A only)
  • Tool for insertion tubes (ETC-125A only)
  • Carrying case (ETC-400R only)
  • JOFRA IR-LAB calibration software (ETC-400R only)
  • Emissivity table (ETC-400R only)

Ametek Jofra ETC Series Temperature Calibrator Specifications:

Parameter ETC-125A ETC-400A ETC-400R
Temperature Range @ 23°C ambient -10 to 120°C 28 to 400°C 28 to 400°C
Accuracy With reference sensor ±0.5°C ±0.5°C ±0.5°C
Stability ±0.05°C ±0.15°C ±0.3°C
Time to Stability 3 minutes 3 minutes 3 minutes
Resolution User selectable 1°, 0.1°
Heating Time -10° to 23°C 3 minutes
23° to 100°C 11 minutes
100° to 125°C 7 minutes
28° to 200°C 2 minutes 2 minutes
200° to 400°C 3 minutes 3 minutes
Cooling Time 125 to 100°C 1minutes
100 to 0°C 17 minutes
0 to -10°C 14 minutes
400 to 200°C 6 minutes 9 minutes
200 to 50°C 15 minutes 24 minutes
Immersion Depth 110 mm 105 mm N/A
Key Features Auto stepping, multi-information display, training mode
Serial Data Interface RS232
Dimensions L x W x H 172 x 72 x 182 mm (6.8 x 2.8 x 7.2 inches)
Protection Class IP-10