Isotech MEDUSA POTTS Temperature Calibrator
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  • 3-Zone block calibrator
  • Temp range: 86 to 1292°F (30 to 700°C)
  • Volume: 1.75in by 11.25in deep (45mm by 285mm)
  • ±0.03°C absolute stability
  • Use for comparison and fixed-point calibration

The Isotech MEDUSA POTTS Temperature Calibrator is a 3-Zone Block Calibrator for automated fixed points with a temperature range of 86 to 1292°F (30 to 700°C). The Medusa 510 has a maximum operating temperature of 1022°F (550°C). The Medusa Model 511 can be used to 1292°F (700°C), and features three-zone control. In addition to the main heating zone, there are additional top and bottom heaters, which compensate for the end losses, creating a constant temperature zone across the well.

For Comparison Calibration, the Medusa should be used with an insert. The standard insert has six 8mm pockets, which are 250mm deep. Also available is an insert at 44mm diameter x 170mm deep, which is suspended from the top of the block so that the height is user-adjustable. For flexibility, the Medusa can also be used with accessories for infrared thermometers and surface sensors. The Medusa is available in two models, the BASIC (B) and the SITE (S). The B model includes a sophisticated temperature controller with a dual display for Set Temperature and Dry Block Temperature.

Isotech 510-06-01 / 510-06-02 Inserts
Standard Insert 6x8mm x 250mm deep or blank inserts available
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Adjustable Equalizing Block 6x8mm x 157mm deep
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Additional Semi Standard PRT
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Isotech 510-06-05 Blackbody Target
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Surface Sensor Calibrator Kit (consists of probe and insert)
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Slim metal clad fixed point cell available in indium, tin or zinc
Isotech 935-14-66 Thermocouple
Replacement Standard Thermocouple for BB Target
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