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  • Model 459
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  • Temp range: -112 to 292°F (-80 to -180°C)
  • Absolute stability (over 30 minutes):
    • ±0.005°C at -80°C
    • ±0.0015°C at 150°C
  • 560mm immersion depth
  • 120mm neck diameter
  • 35 liter nitrogen capacity


The Isotech Model 459 Cryostat comprises an insulated machined copper equalizing block inside an 80mm diameter tube 480mm long, attached via a flange to a lid, giving access for three thermometers, a vacuum port, and a Lemo connector for the temperature sensor and heater. A cable runs to a controller, which sets the temperature. An RS422 connector permits the calibration to be automated using one of our Software programs.

The Model 459 uses a controller and heater which allow the 459 to be set at any temperature above liquid nitrogen temperature. When the Cryostat is immersed in liquid nitrogen it cools to approximately -319°F (-195°C).