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  • Pressure Calibrator:
    • Electrical, frequency, temperature, and pressure functions
    • Optional HART communications protocol
    • Hazardous area approved option available
  • Pneumatic Pressure Base:
    • Generates vacuum up to 20 bar
  • PM620 Pressure Modules:
    • Choice of 2, 7, or 20 bar
  • 4Sight2 Software:
    • Perform automated calibrations
    • Automatic calibration scheduling with notifications
    • Custom calibration certificate generation
    • Full uncertainty calculations
    • Total visibility of assets and instruments
    • Fully scalable - single user to global multi-site operation
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What's in the Box

  • DPI 620 Genii Pressure Calibrator
  • Pneumatic Pressure Base
  • PM620 Pressure Module
  • 4Sight2 Software


DPI 620 Genii Pressure Calibrator

The Druck DPI 620 Genii Multifunction Calibrator is a flexible modular calibration system is an ultra-compact, electrical, frequency, and temperature calibrator, which provides simultaneous measurement and source capabilities. Pressure measurement is provided by interchangeable pressure modules. Optional HART field communicator replaces the need for a stand-alone HART communication unit. If pressure generation is required, the calibrator and pressure module can be attached to the pressure base to form a high performance, full-integrated pressure calibrator. The DPI 620 Genii is available in both safe environment and hazardous environment approval models.

Druck DPI 620 Genii multifunction calibrators can measure and source mA, mV, V, Ohms, frequency, and a variety of RTDs and T/Cs. Druck DPI 620 Genii multifunction calibrators provide an isolated 24V loop power supply to energize devices and control loops and a stabilized DC voltage supply for ratio metric transducers. A HART digital configurator is optional for set-up and calibration adjustments of HART devices. The DPI 620 Genii incorporates an advanced touch screen and new user interface for  greater ease-of-use. The intuitive dashboard allows for quickly launching applications. The compact and lightweight DPI 620 Genii multifunction calibrator is designed for rugged field applications, with a robust casing and weather-proofing to IP 65.

PV621 Pneumatic Pressure Base

The PV621 Pneumatic Pressure Base can generate vacuum up to 20 bar without any additional equipment. It is designed for stand-alone operation as a pressure generator and can replace conventional hand pumps to provide greater efficiency and ease of use. They can also be used on the workbench as comparators. Combining any of the pressure stations with a PM620 pressure module and the DPI620 calibrator creates a uniquely capable, self-contained pressure calibrator.

PM620 Module:

The Druck PM620 Pressure Module features a simple screw fit, making both the pressure and electrical connections without the need for tools, sealing tape, cables or plugs. Digital characterization allows interchangeability without set-up or calibration. Druck PM620 pressure modules can be changed in a few seconds to re-range an instrument at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Modules can be used in conjunction with the pneumatic pressure base and the Druck DPI 620 Genii multifunction calibrator to form an integrated pressure calibrator for test and calibration of pressure instruments including transmitters, transducers, switches, gauges, indicators, and recorders.

4Sight2 Calibration Software

The Druck 4Sight2 Calibration Management Software provides visibility to the assets, data, and resources that affect maintenance, process efficiency and regulatory compliance. It provides a highly flexible information system with the tools for managers to plan, review and adapt the maintenance workflow. Technicians work efficiently to calibrate and maintain, using defined and automated procedures.

The 4Sight2 features mobile paperless solutions for automating field activity and ensuring the highest quality and integrity of data. It provides the highest accuracy reference standards and fully automated test bench solutions for the laboratory and workshop. Calibration management with 4Sight2 is scalable for a single user or for a global multi-site operation.



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