Isotech Hydra 798 Liquid Bath Calibrator
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  • Parallel tube action
  • Circular design
  • Temp range:
    • 798L: -112 to 257°F (-80°C to 125°C)
    • 798M: -40 to 257°F (-40°C to 125°C)
    • 798H: 86 to 572°F (30°C to 300°C)
  • Volume: 150mm Diameter, 300mm Deep (5 litres)
  • Heating time: 25°C to 200°C less than 60 minutes (C10 Oil)
  • Cooling time: Ambient to -80°C less than 130 minutes (Methanol)
  • Stability 0.01°C

The Isotech Hydra 798 Liquid Bath features good immersion depth, parallel tube action, giving the best uniformity and smallest calibration uncertainties, and wide temperature ranges.

The immersion depth of 300mm allows the requirements of "Supplementary Information to the ITS-90" to be met. This publication from BIPM recommends immersion depths of 15 to 20cm from -50°C to 50°C, and from 20 to 27cm at 200°C. Many baths in this price range are simply not deep enough to meet this requirement. Rather than simply stirring a square tank of liquid the Hydra uses parallel tube action for superior temperature uniformity. Like other Isotech liquid baths the calibration volume is cylindrical to suit thermometers, not a large square tank. The bath is filled with just 5 litres of liquid reducing filling and ongoing cost of ownership as liquids are replenished. The 798H and 798EHT feature a cooling coil which can be attached to an external source of either cold water or gas to further reduce cool down times.

Isotech 798-05-01 Volume Lid
Spare Liquid Volume Lid
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Isotech 798-05-02 Equalising Block
Aluminum or copper equalizing block
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Isotech 798-05-03 Twin Cell Holder
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Isotech 798-05-04 Thermometer Support Kit
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Isotech 796-05-03 Thermometer Stand Kit
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Isotech Silicone Oil
Silicone oil for the Orion 796
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