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  • Spherical Designed Thermocouple Calibrator
  • Temp range: 212 to 2372°F (100 to 1300°C)
  • Calibration point:
    • 8 as standard
    • 16 to special requirements
  • Diameter: 4 x 6mm and 4 x 8mm
  • Immersion depth: 180mm


The Isotech Saturn 877 Thermocouple Calibration Sphere comprises a number of concentric shells. The outer shell of spun metal is for containment and support. Inside this is a layer of ceramic fiber. Within the fiber is a ceramic spherical mantle containing the heater windings. In the middle of the furnace is a solid cast-ceramic sphere with 8 or 16 tubes, to be used for the thermocouples requiring calibration.

The spherical design ensures a central zone of constant temperature. Thermocouples are inserted around the circumference of the furnace. When fully inserted, the measuring junctions sit within a few millimeters of each other at the center of the sphere. Up to 15 thermocouples can be calibrated simultaneously. The accuracy is between ±0.25°C and ±0.1°C at 1000°C.


Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Calibrating Multiple High Temperature Thermocouples

The Background: Our customer is an industrial facility that uses a large number of high temperature thermocouples to monitor and control furnaces. They seek a means of calibrating these thermocouples in a stable environment.

The Problem: Tube furnaces are often used for calibrating high temperature thermocouples but they have multiple controllers and do not offer the best accuracy. These types of calibrators are also not designed for calibrating multiple thermocouples at the same time.

The Solution: We recommended the Isotech Saturn 877 Thermocouple Calibration Sphere which can calibrate up to 15 thermocouples at the same time. The spherical design keeps the calibrated reference sensor within just a few millimeters from the sensors under test making the Saturn 877 highly stable and accurate and allowing much faster calibrations to be performed.