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  • 30°C to 350°C
  • Fast calibration of temperature sensors
  • 0.3°C accuracy using comparison techniques
  • Light, compact, and portable
  • Removable inserts to suit different diameter sensors
  • Includes NIST certificate of calibration
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The Isotech QuickCal 550 temperature calibrators are handheld temperature calibrators that are ideal for less-exacting applications. Unlike competitors' models, the Isotech QuickCal 550 includes interchangeable inserts which allows one unit to accommodate custom probe diameters.

The high-temperature Isotech QuickCal 550 temperature calibrator has a range of 30°C to 350°C (692°F). This temperature calibrator has a single, larger well and interchangeable pre-drilled insert which is 1" in diameter and 4.7" deep (25mm diameter x 120mm). The standard insert includes a sampling of holes to accommodate a variety of sensors. Customized pre-drilled inserts are also available for both units. Contact Instrumart with your requirements.

Accessories to the Isotech QuickCal 550 temperature calibrator include a handbook which details efficient and useful ways to use the Isotech QuickCal, a carrying case, and alternative inserts. These temperature calibrators are ideal for verification of sensor performance or quick calibrations for less critical sensors.