• 989
  • Usually ships in 2-3 business days



  • 68 to 122°F (20 to 50°C) temperature range
  • ±.018°F (±0.01°C) resolution
  • 70mm high emissivity blackbody
  • Easy mount, simple operation
  • Improves accuracy of fever detection systems
  • Check non-contact thermometers
  • <5 minute response time


Isotech Model 989 has the same performance as the earlier 988 but is smaller and has two connectors fitted allowing for easy mounting. When used in conjunction with IR cameras the device can easily be suspended from above or below using standard tripod mounting brackets.

The upgraded controller can either be locked to a single temperature or it can be adjusted over a new wider temperature range of 20°C to 50°C. Model 989 also has a PC interface fitted as standard. It allows the temperature to be both monitored and adjusted from a PC. This blackbody source meets the demand for a simple, cost effective but high accuracy device for the calibration of thermal imagers and infrared thermometers that are used at temperatures around that of the human body.

Unlike heat only devices, this model uses a solid state thermoelectric heat pump so that the block can be both cooled and heated. This brings two benefits, the blackbody can maintain its set point in high ambient temperature conditions and it can also operate below the ambient temperature.

To reduce sensitivity to air drafts and ambient temperature effects, a stainless steel tube can be fitted in front of the plate with evaluation showing this has advantage over an open plate design.