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  • 1 Ω to 120 MΩ
  • 100 ppm basic accuracy
  • 10 MHz frequency option
  • RTD simulation
  • DCV and DCI options
  • RS-232, GPIB, USB interfaces


The Time Electronics 5011 Resistance & Temperature Calibrator is primarily used as a programmable resistance and RTD source, the 5011 provides precision resistance with a best accuracy of 0.01 % and 1 mΩ resolution (50 Ω to 1 kΩ). Internal options for increased capabilities can be fitted as per customer requirement. These include DC voltage and thermocouple simulation, DC current, and frequency. The 5011 can be used to cover a wide workload as a laboratory calibrator or be incorporated into an automated test system.

Front panel operation allows the user to quickly set the function and output required. Using the jog / shuttle dial deviation the user can finely adjust the output value as a percentage (± 9.99 %).