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  • -49 to 392°F (-45 to 200°C) temperature range
  • 0.1°C display resolution
  • Selectable °F/°C units
  • 5.7in color touchscreen
  • USB, Ethernet, RS-232 interface communications
  • 22 liters minimum filling volume
  • 280 x 280 mm bath opening
  • 200mm bath depth


The WIKA CTB9500 Calibration Bath is typically used in calibration laboratories and in control and instrumentation workshops for the calibration of thermometers. The CTB9500 feature a temperature-controlled tank with a usable depth of 200 mm. The maximum immersion depth for the test items of 200 mm reduces heat dissipation errors, resulting in smaller measurement uncertainties.

Applications for the CTB9500 include:

  • Calibration in laboratories and in control and instrumentation workshops
  • Calibration of short temperature probes, particularly in the pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Simultaneous calibration of several sensors