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  • 30 to 350°C temperature range
  • 0.1°C or 0.1°F resolution of display
  • ±1°C stability
  • Accuracy
    • ±2°C with traceable Certification
    • ±5°C without Certification
  • 100/120V or 200/240V power supply
  • 7.5mm (diameter) x 150mm (length) x 850mm (lead length) probe

What's in the Box

  • Model 944
  • 935-14-81 probe


Using a fine wire type N thermocouple as the surface temperature sensor, the Isotech Model 944 pairs that with a second junction 2 to 3mm along the thermocouple and senses the temperature difference due to heat flux along the sensor. A heater heats the thermocouple stem until the temperature gradient is zero, thus creating a measurement without stem conduction or disturbance of the hot plate's surface.

The Isotech Model 944 surface measurement system indicates true surface temperature between 30 an 350°C with a ±1°C stability. The resolution of the display can be set for either 0.1°C or 0.1°F. This unit, when supplied with a traceable calibration certificate, offers an accuracy of ±2°C (±5°C without). The included semi-standard thermocouple measures 7.5mm in diameter, 150mm long and 850 lead length.