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  • Temperature ranges
    -4 to +302°F (-20 to +150°C)
    -31 to +329°F (-35 to +165°C)
  • Accuracy
    ±0.2K (micro calibration bath)
    ±0.3K (dry well calibrator)
    ±1K (infrared black body)
    ±1K (surface temperature calibrator)
  • Stability
    ±0.05K (microcalibration bath)
    ±0.05K (dry well calibrator)
    ±0.2K (infrared black body)
    ±0.2K (surface temperature calibrator)
  • 0.01 to 212°F (100°C) resolution, then 0.1
  • 5.91in (150mm) immersion depth


The WIKA CTM9100-150 multifunction temperature calibrator is used for fast and simple testing of either contact (TC, Pt, surface) or non-contact (infrared) thermometers. The calibrator is compact and lightweight, making it particularly suited for on-site calibrations. The various inserts allow calibration of nearly any thermometer. The calibrator's temperature range of -4 to +302°F (-20 to +150°C) makes it possible to cover common functions, and with special inserts, it can also be used as a surface temperature calibrator and an infrared black body.

The CTM9100-150 is easy to use, and combines four application possibilities in one instrument. The calibrator design enables fast and simple switching between individual applications by using one of the four keys and the toggle switch on the front. The calibration temperature, adjusted by using two keys on the controller, can be very quickly controlled. The actual and set temperature can be displayed simultaneously on a large 4-digit, high-contrast LC display, virtually eliminating reading errors.

WIKA CTM9100-150 Multifunction Temperature Calibrator Applications

  • Testing and calibration of nearly all thermometer types
  • Reference instrument for works' laboratories for the calibration of thermometers
  • On-site calibration