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  • Accurate to ±0.25°C for Pt 100 Ohm RTD’s with 0.1° Resolution
  • Model 511B simulates 10 RTD curves with Direct Temperature Output or Ω
  • Model 510B sources one dedicated RTD curve with Direct Temperature Output
  • Selectable °C or °F
  • Curves available for Platinum 100 and 1000 Ohm, Nickel 110 and 120 Ohm as well as for Copper 10 and 50 Ohm
  • Works with all pulsed instruments
  • Works with a wide variety of transmitters
  • Compatible with devices using pulsed excitation currents including PLCs, DCS, Recorders, and others
  • EZ-Dial knob with two dialing speeds makes adjusting output easy
  • EZ-Check switch can store settings for 0% and 100% span adjustments
  • Powered with "AA" alkaline batteries
  • Superior battery life of 45 hours under typical continuous usage
  • Easy access to battery compartment
  • Lightweight and rugged with a solid feel
  • Small and tough
  • Protected to 60V
  • Includes NIST traceable calibration certificate

This is the recommended replacement for the Altek 11 RTD Calibrator/Simulator.


The PIECAL 510B and 511B simulate RTD resistances into all types of instruments such as transmitters, recorders, controllers, alarms, data acquisition, and computer systems. The 510B and 511B are superior replacements for decade boxes making it unnecessary to lug a decade box around or be prone to errors by reading RTD tables incorrectly. The 510B and 511B have better accuracy and functions of many higher priced RTD calibrators.

With the PIECAL 510B and 511B you can check & calibrate all your RTD instruments. Choose the 510B if you have only one type of RTD connected to your instruments or the 511B if you have multiple types of RTDs. Both units include four detachable leads with spade lugs for easy connection to your RTD instruments.

The PIECAL 510B and 511B RTD simulators are versatile enough for use in the shop, plant or field. Both units include a backlit display with larger digits, rugged switches and a battery compartment for fast battery changes. Add an optional rubber boot with tilt stand for extra protection.

The PIECAL 510B and 511B RTD simulators ship complete with:

  • Alkaline batteries
  • Certificate of calibration
  • RTD wire kit (2 red & 2 black leads with retractable shield banana plugs & spade lugs)
PIECAL 510B/511B RTD simulator specifications:
Accuracy ±(0.015% of Setting in Ohms + 0.05 Ohms)
Temperature Drift ± 0.05 Ohms/°C
Batteries Four "AA" Alkaline 1.5V
Protection against misconnection Over-voltage protection to 60 V dc (30 seconds)
Display High contrast graphic LCD with backlight
Accuracy ±(0.015% of Setting + 0.05 Ohms) From 1 to 10.2 mA External Excitation Current
Resistance Ranges 0.00 to 410.00, 410.1 to 4001.0 Ohms
Allowable Excitation Current Range < 410 Ohms: 10.2 mA max; steady or pulsed/intermittent
410 to 4001 Ohms: 1 mA max; steady or pulsed/intermittent
Pulsed Excitation Current Compatibility DC to 0.01 second pulse width
RTD Ranges and Accuracies
Pt 100 Ohm DIN/IEC/JIS 1989 Based on ITS-90 -200.0 to 200.0°C at ±0.2°C
200.0 to 600.0°C at ±0.3°C
600.0 to 850.0°C at ±0.4°C
Pt 100 Ohm (Burns) -195.6 to 200.0°C at ±0.2°C
200.0 to 648.9°C at ±0.3°
Pt 100 Ohm (Old JIS 1981) -200.0 to 200.0°C at ±0.2°
200.0 to 648.9°C at ±0.3°
Pt 100 Ohm (US Lab) -200.0 to 100.0°C at ±0.2°
100.0 to 700.0°C at ±0.3°
700.0 to 850.0°C at ±0.4°
Pt 1000 Ohm DIN/IEC/JIS 1989 -200.0 to 200.0°C at ±0.2°
200.0 to 600.0°C at ±0.3°
600.0 to 850.0°C at ±0.4°
Pt 1000 Ohm Hy-Cal HVAC -200.0 to 200.0°C at ±0.2°
200.0 to 600.0°C at ±0.3°
600.0 to 850.0°C at ±0.4°
Copper 10 Ohm (Minco) -200.0 to 260.0°C at ±2.0°
Copper 50 Ohm -50.0 to 150.0°C at ±1.0°
Ni 120 Ohm (Pure) -80.0 to 260.0°C at ±0.1°
Ni 110 (Bristol 7 NA) -100.0 to 260.0°C at ±0.2°


Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Verification of Input on Circular recorders and Controllers with RTD input

The Background: Our customer operates a large commercial smokehouse that uses a number of circular chart recorders that continuously monitor the smoke temperature to ensure temperatures are maintained which results in the highest quality product. The customer seeks a means of testing these recorders for input accuracy.

The Problem: Older style decade boxes are cumbersome and not always the easiest to use in tight spaces.

The Solution: The PIE 511B RTD simulator allows the customer to quickly check the input on the recorders and controllers they use in the plant. The compact size and EZ-Check switch, which can store settings for 0% and 100% span adjustments, allows them to quickly check all of the instruments very quickly.

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