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  • 35 to 350°C temperature range
  • 10 minute stabilization time
  • Cools from 350 to 100°C in 125 minutes
  • Heats from 50 to 350°C in 20 minutes
  • 1°C typical uncertainty
  • °C, °F & K units

What's in the Box

  • Model 938 small hot plate
  • Protective cover
  • Comprehensive handbook
  • PC interface
  • RS-232 converter lead
  • Windows® software


With a temperature range of 35 to 350°C and stabilization time of just 10 minutes, the Isotech Model 938 small hot plate offers a lightweight, portable calibration system designed for surface mounted sensors. The temperature range is set using an advanced, yet easy-to-use, temperature controller which features 0.01 resolution below 100°C (0.1° above 100°C). Depending on sensors and method of use, the typical uncertainty is 1°C. For higher accuracy, a calibrated surface sensor can be placed alongside the sensor under test.

Proper thermal contact is ensured by the Isotech Model 938's recessed flat disc which allows the optional use of a heat transfer plate or fluid. Uniform heat distribution is achieved with a flat spiral heater clamped to an integrating block below the surface of the plate. A protective cover that can fit over the block of the Isotech small hot plate is included. Additionally, a PC interface and RS-232 converter are both included standard and are to be paired with the Windows software that is also included for further data analysis.