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  • Reference Temperature: 0°C
  • No long term drift
  • Ambient Operating Range: 5 to 40°C
  • Stability: ±0.02°C typical, ±0.05°C guarenteed
  • Total Instrument Error: ±0.05°C maximum
  • Up to 75 Channels
  • 115V AC, 60Hz or 230V AC, 50Hz power supply


The Kaye Ice Point temperature reference offers the ultimate in accuracy for temperature validation. Used in applications ranging from precision calibration work to routine production testing, the Ice Point provides zero long term drift while maintaining the reference temperature at 0°C. It is available in three models, with numerous options, to meet a wide range of temperature validation applications. The K140 Ice Point provides four external calibration wells which accept a number of thermocouples depending upon their diameter

For applications where frequent connections are made or when calibrating temperature instruments, the K150 or K170 is convenient. The models have built-in thermocouples connected to matching material posts. The K150 provides references for 4, 6, or 8 sensors. The unit provides accurate simultaneous reference for up to 75 thermocouples.

The K170 is a rack-mounted reference with built-in thermocouples and matching material terminal strips for both inputs and outputs. The K170 has 6 to 75 channels available. Shielding can be provided for input and output terminals.