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  • Low Temperature (-35 to +140°C)
    • Stability: 0.02°C
    • Accuracy: ±0.2°C (basic); ±0.15°C (complete)
    • Heating/Cooling Time: 15 minutes
    • Power: 150W
  • Medium Temperature (-30 to +350°C)
    • Stability: 0.03°C
    • Accuracy: ±0.3°C (basic); ±0.2°C (complete)
    • Heating Time: 15 minutes
    • Cooling Time: 40 minutes
    • Power: 750W
  • High Temperature (35 to +650°C)
    • Stability: 0.05°C
    • Accuracy: 1°C±0.5°C (basic); ±0.5°C (complete)
    • Heating/Cooling Time: 20 minutes
    • Power: 750W
  • Calibration Capacity: 148mm depth; 25 mm diameter
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The Isotech Fast-Cal dry block calibrator is a rugged, lightweight, easy-to-use calibrator with stainless steel housing. The hygienic housing of the Fast-Cal does not have paint, eliminating the chance of chipping or flaking. A soft, lightweight shoulder case is included to make transporting the Fast-Cal nearly effortless. Two inserts are available for the Fast-Cal, a standard insert and an insert that is optimized for hospital validation systems.

The block gradients of the Isotech Fast-Cal dry block calibrator are minimized by non-linear heating and cooling profiles to compensate for end losses to ambient temperature. Three temperature ranges are available: -35 to +140°C (low), -30 to +350°C (medium) and 35 to +650°C (high). The low range features a stability of 0.02°C, with a complete accuracy of ±0.15°C. The medium temperature range has 0.03°C stability with ±0.2°C complete accuracy. With a stability of 0.05°C, the high range model offers ±0.5°C accuracy.

CalNotePad software is included standard with the Isotech Fast-Cal dry block calibrator. This allows you to connect both an indicator and the calibration bath to a PC. You can view data on clear, configurable chart displays, log data to a file and control the calibration bath. I-Cal software (optional accessory) is also compatible with the Fast-Cal and can automatically calibrate up to 16 temperature sensors.


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