• CA71/TE
  • Usually ships in 2-3 weeks



  • Handheld unit
  • Easy to use
  • Measure & Generate Simultaneously
  • RS232 Communications: Optically isolated interface
  • Range up to 300V
  • Includes frequency and pulse inputs
  • Loop Power
  • Divided Output (n/m) Function: Eliminates need to calculate for %
  • Auto Step Function: Changes output value in step form
  • Memory Function: Generated & Measured values can be stored/extracted from internal memory


Sensors and instruments require a wide variety of operation checks in the field. The Yokogawa CA71 Handy CAL calibrator is a small, lightweight, multifunction calibrator that can simultaneously source and measure voltage, current, resistance, TC, RTD, frequency, and pulse signals. By itself, the Yokogawa CA71 Handy CAL calibrator can source signals for input to equipment and check output signal from equipment.

The Yokogawa CA71 Handy CAL calibrator incorporates rotary switches for simple handling. Just open the carrying case cover and connect the cables, and you're ready to take measurements.

A wide array of useful functions

Functions available to the multifunction Yokogawa CA71 Handy CAL calibrator include divided output (n/m) function, auto-step function, sweet function, memory function, and communication function.

  • Source: Values set in steps of 4-20 mA 24V DC Power Supply to Transmitter
  • Divided output (n/m) function: Output settings are divided, eliminating the need for bothersome calculations for percentage output.
  • Autostep function: Changes the output value in step form based on the setting from the divided output (n/m) function. Changes can be sourced automatically every 10% or 25%.
  • Online communication: RS-232C-compliant optically isolated interface
  • Sweep function: Linearly increases or decrease the output. The increasing / decreasing time can be set to either 16 or 32 seconds.
  • Memory function: Source values and measurements forming individual value sets can be saved to or read from the Handy Calibrator's internal memory (maximum 50 value sets).
  • Temperature monitor function

AC voltage (including supply voltage) measurement capability

In cases where numerous signal converters and other devices are mounted on a rack or panel, the multifunction Yokogawa CA71 Handy CAL calibrator can be used to check the input and output signals of each device while simultaneously checking the power supply. There is no need for a separate multimeter to measure supply voltage.