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  • Calibrates: Multimeters, oscilloscopes, clamp meters, watt & power meters, RLC meters, AC bridges, power supplies, high resistance, data loggers
  • DC voltage:
    • Range: 0 to 1025 V
    • Resolution: 10 nV (3010); 0.1 µV (3041)
    • Accuracy: 8 ppm (3010); 25 ppm (3041)
  • DC current:
    • Range: 0 to 30 A
    • Resolution: 10 pA (3010); 100 pA (3041)
    • Accuracy: 50 ppm
  • AC voltage:
    • Range: 0 to 1020 V
    • Resolution: 100 nV (3010); 1 µV (3041)
    • Accuracy: 150 ppm (3010); 0.035% (3041)
  • AC current:
    • Range: 0 to 30 A
    • Resolution: 100 pA (3010); 1 nA (3041)
    • Accuracy: 0.04% (3010); 0.06% (3041)
  • Includes UKAS Calibration Certificate

The Transmille 3000 series calibration system is designed to perform a wide range of calibration work quickly, accurately and economically. Meeting the needs of today's quality systems, including ISO9000 / ISO17025, require calibration traceable to national standards of a wide range of instrumentation. The Transmille 3000 series calibration system provides the ideal platform to cover these calibration requirements, whether in the laboratory or on site. Every Transmille calibrator is supplied with UKAS calibration traceable to National standards and are ready to use out of the box.

The unique concept of external calibration adapters combined with built-in measurement capability dramatically extends the range of instruments that can be cost effectively calibrated. The Transmillle 3000 series generates all the outputs required for multimeter calibration, plus options for oscilloscope calibration, AC/DC power calibration, harmonics calibration, RCL meters and frequency meters. Using the external calibration adapters, power supplies, process control calibrators, electrometers, insulation testers, pressure gauges and transmitters and even torque screwdrivers can be calibrated quickly and efficiently.

The ultra portable Transmille 3000 series calibrators begin a new era in true on-site calibration. Using a soft, over the shoulder, tailored travel case the calibration system can be taken to the calibration work, whether it is in an aircraft hanger, on board a ship or oil rig.

The Transmille 3010 and 3041 calibrators are available in pre-configured "System" models which include the following calibration modules and adapters: AC (SINE)/ DC power calibration module, PRT module, simulated resistance and capacitance module and thermocouple simulation adapter and CJC readback.

An integral component to the Transmille 3000 series calibration system is the software. ProCal, ProCal-Track and the 3000 Series Virtual Front Panel are easy to use software programs that can manage and automate laboratory and calibration tasks. The ProCal software is a networkable system that can be used for all types of instrumentation: electrical, temperature, pressure and dimensional etc. The ProCal software controls a wide range of instruments using a GPIB/RS232 interface, is offered in multiple languages and creates Crystal reports and custom certificates.

The ProCal-Track software integrates with the ProCal software to streamline laboratory operations. ProCal-Track features barcode scanning to efficiently manage incoming and outgoing instruments and accessories. ProCal-Track can create comprehensive forms, reports, labels, Crystal reports and custom certificates. The Virtual Front Panel software expands the functionality of the Transmille 3050 calibrator by allowing full control of all calibrator functions from a PC.

Test Leads

Transmille 3000LEAD Lead Set
Precision Lead Set


Transmille ProCal Software
Universal calibration software for use with Transmille calibrators for a single user
Transmille ProCal-Track Calibration Software
Comprehensive instrument management software for a single user
Transmille Virtual Front Panel Software
Enables full control of calibrator functions from a PC

Mounting Bracket

Transmille Rack Mount Kit
19 inch rack mount kit, retractable tray
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Transmille 3000 Soft Case
Carrying case for 3010, 3041, and 3050 multi-product calibrators
Transmille 3000 Transit Case
Rugged, hard carrying case for 3010, 3041, and 3050 multi-product calibrators


Please consider these optional accessories.

Transmille EA001A Thermocouple Simulation Adapter
Thermocouple simulation adapter and CJC readback
Transmille EA002 Clamp Coil Adapter
Designed for the calibration of both wound AC and magnetic field hall effect AC/DC clamp meters
Transmille EA003 Optical Tachometer Calibration Adapter
Optical tachometer calibration adapter
Transmille EA008 High Resistance Adapter
High resistance / pA measurement adapter provides accurate current measurement down to pico amp levels
Transmille EA013 Pico Amp Source Adapter
Calibrates sensitive electrometers and low level pico amp meters
Transmille EA014 Torque Calibration Adapter
Enables the Transmille 3041/3010 calibrator to calibrate torque up to 20 Nm
Transmille EA015 Multifunction Work Station
Extends calibrator functionality and provides convenient "front" access to remote terminals
Transmille EA016 Humidity/Temperature Sensor Adapter
Measures and stores temperature and humidity data along with calibration results
Transmille EA017 Oscilloscope Calibration Test Head
4-channel switching oscilloscope calibration test head
Transmille EA3012A AC/DC Transconductance Amplifier
Linear transconductance amplifier for calibrating high current instruments with the Transmille 3000 series calibrators
Transmille EA3023 3A Power Supply Calibration Adapter
An essential option for simplifying the calibration of power supplies
Transmille EA3024 AC/DC Kilovolt Amplifier
Enables calibration of high voltage probes and dividers
Transmille EA3025A 60 A Power Supply Calibration Adapter
Enables the calibration of high current power supplies
Transmille USBLEAD Cable
RS232 to USB converter lead
Transmille GPIB Interface
General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB)
Transmille Pressure Modules
Intelligent pressure modules for use with Transmille multi-product calibrators
Druck PV411A Pressure and Vacuum Hand Pump
Four in one hand pump: hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum, inH2O
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