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Ametek HydraLite Hydraulic Deadweight Tester / Gauge
Easy-to-use primary standard for pressures to 3000 psi
GE Druck DPI 612 Flex Series Pressure Calibrator
Three model choices, generate as low as 95% vacuum or as high as 15000 psi with accuracy up to 0.005% FS
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GE Druck DPI 610 / 615 IS Pressure Calibrator
Intrinsically safe portable pressure calibrators for pressure ranges from -14.7 to 6,000 psi
GE Druck DPI 104 Calibration Kit
Precision pneumatic and/or hydraulic digital pressure calibration test kits
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GE Druck DPI 611 Pressure Calibrator
Self-contained pressure test and calibration system combines pressure generation, signal measurement and loop power
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SI Pressure TP1-40 Pneumatic Hand Pump
Pneumatic hand pumps provide -28 in Hg Vacuum to 600 psi
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DH-Budenberg CPB3800 Hydraulic Deadweight Tester
Compact hydraulic deadweight tester with ranges up to 16,000 psi
GE Druck PACE5000 / PACE6000 Modular Pressure Controller
Economical solution to pressure control for production, test, and calibration
GE Druck DPI 620 Genii Multifunction Calibrator
Pressure measurement & generation with electrical, frequency & temp functions with HART communicator & foundation fieldbus optional
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Fluke 725 Multifunction Process Calibrator
Measure and source mA, volts, temperature (RTDs and thermocouples), frequency, ohms and pressure
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Transmille 3010/3041 Multi-Product Calibrator
Precision, multiproduct calibrator with up to 8 ppm accuracy
GE Druck PV211 Pneumatic Hand Pump
0 to 600 psi or 0 to 28.5 inHg vacuum pressure with precision vernier control
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SI Pressure HTP1 Hydraulic Hand Pump
Portable hydraulic pumps provide robust and reliable pressure generation up to 15,000 psi
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Crystal nVision Pressure Recorder
Pressure data logger for up to 15K psi that can log and display 500,000 points
Fluke 700HTPK2 Hydraulic Test Pressure Kit
Hydraulic pressure test kit includes hand pump, hoses and adapters for testing devices to 10,000 psi
Fluke 754 Series Process Calibrator
Integrated HART communication capability, sources, simulates and measures pressure, temperature, and electrical signals
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GE Druck PV411A Pressure and Vacuum Hand Pump
Four in one hand pump: hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum, inH2O
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GE Druck PV212 Hydraulic Hand Pump
Up to 15,000 psi (1000 bar), quick priming and pressure generation using scissor action pump
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Ametek T-620 / T-620H Hydraulic Pressure Pump
Small, lightweight and portable hydraulic pressure pump with transparent reservoir to easily view the test liquid
Ashcroft 1305D Deadweight Tester
For calibration and test applications requiring a primary standard
Additel ADT 761 Automated Pressure Calibrator
Fully automated, portable pressure calibrator with built-in pressure generator / controller, up to 600 psi (40 bar)
GE Druck DPI 800 / 802 Pressure Indicator and Loop Calibrator
Pressure indicators and loop calibrators measure from 10 inH2O to 10,000 psi
DH-Budenberg CPB5800 Deadweight Tester
Single- or dual-range hydraulic deadweight tester accurate to 0.006% of reading
Fluke Calibration P3000 Hydraulic Deadweight Testers (formerly Pressurements)
Hydraulic deadweight tester, ranging up to 20,000 psi, accuracy better than 0.015% of reading
GE Druck PV620G Pressure Station
Advanced pressure measurement and generation system for the GE Druck DPI620 Genii
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Fluke 726 Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator
Measure, source and view process signals simultaneously with accuracies of 0.01%
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Fluke Calibration P5500 Comparison Pump (formerly Pressurements)
Comparison Test Pump with Pressure up to 60,000 psi
Transmille 3050 Multi-Product Calibrator
Precision, multi-product calibrator with 50 ppm accuracy
Additel ADT 959 Hydraulic Calibration Pump
Benchtop pressure pump designed to generate pressure to 40,000 psi (2,800 bar) with dual piston system ideal for filling large volumes
Meriam MFT 4000 Series Modular Calibrator
MFT 4000 calibrator, MFT 4005 calibrator w/HART trim, MFT 4010 calibrator with HART
Ametek Type T Hydraulic Pressure Pump
Oil or a water / alcohol mixture as the pressure medium, dual pressure output manifold
GE Druck DPI 880 Multi-Function Calibrator
Ultra compact & simple-to-use portable multi-function calibrator
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Transmille 1000 Series Multifunction Calibrator
Ultra-portable multi-product calibrator featuring 80ppm accuracy with the functionality of calibrators twice the size
Additel ADT 901 Low Pressure Test Pump
±6 psi, portable pneumatic air pressure pump with hand-tight connectors
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Crystal 30 Series Digital Pressure Calibrator
Measure vacuum and pressure up to 5000 psi (300 bar), indicates milliamps to calibrate transmitters
Additel ADT 927 High Pressure Test Pump
-12.5 to 10,000 psi, portable hydraulic pressure pump for oil or deionized water
Ametek Type T Hydraulic Deadweight Tester
Hydraulic deadweight testers with ranges to 15,000 psi and multiple configurations
Additel ADT 672 Digital Pressure Calibrators
Pressure ranges to 40,000 psi (2800 bar), measures mA or V and is HART communication capable
Fluke 718 Series Pressure Calibrator
Four models to provide a total pressure calibration solution for transmitters, gauges and switches
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Ametek T-965 / T-975 Pneumatic Pressure Pump
Pneumatic pressure pump features both vacuum and pressure generation with easy switch from vacuum to pressure
Fluke 700PTP-1 Pneumatic Test Pump
Pneumatic test pump capable of supplying pressures up to 600 psi / 40 bar
Additel ADT 760 Series Pressure Calibrator
Fully automatic calibrator with built-in pump and controller, 4 channels, USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth communications
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Keller Pressure Calibrators
Highly accurate, portable pressure calibrators for ranges from vacuum to 700 bar
Fluke 3130 Pressure Calibrator
Portable pressure calibrator features an internal, motorized pump for easy and efficient pressure generation
GE Druck PV210 Pneumatic Hand Pump
Low and vacuum pressure, 0 to 45 psi or 0 to 27 inHg, with fine control needle valve for pressure release
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DH-Budenberg CPB5000 Deadweight Tester
Stand-alone pressure calibrator with ranges up to 400 bar and uncertainty of just 0.008% of reading
Martel MECP Pneumatic Pumps
High and low pressure hand operated pneumatic pumps with vacuum capabilities
WIKA CPH6000 Process Calibrator
Versatile, multifunction calibrator for pressure measurement and calibration as well as pressure switch testing
DH-Budenberg CPP1200-X Comparison Pump
Hydraulic or pneumatic comparison test pump generates pressure to 1200 bar
Martel BetaGauge 330 Pressure Calibrator
Hand-held pressure calibrator with integral electric pressure pump
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GE Druck DPI 104-IS Calibration Kit
Intrinsically safe pneumatic and/or hydraulic digital pressure calibration test kits
Ashcroft 1327CM Pressure Gauge Comparator
Provides 0.1% accuracy for ranges up to 10,000 psig
GE Druck DPI 620 Genii-IS Multifunction Calibrator
ATEX and IECEx approved intrinsically safe pressure calibration with electrical & temperature functions for use in hazardous areas
Crystal HPC40 Pressure Calibrator
Single or dual sensor models, gauge, absolute, and differential pressure, 0.035% of reading accuracy
Fluke 700PTPK2 Pneumatic Test Pressure Kit
Rugged, high-quality premium pneumatic pressure pump kit for fast and accurate test results generates pressure up to 600 psi, 40 bar
Fluke 525B/A0 120V Temperature / Pressure Calibrator
Sources and measures a complete range of RTDs, thermocouples, and thermistors while measuring pressure up to 10,000 psi
Ametek T-960 / T-970 Pneumatic Pressure Pumps
Pneumatic pressure pump features an extended range vernier adjustment for precisely controlling pump pressure
Fluke Calibration 700HPPK Pneumatic Test Pump Kit
Generates and adjusts pneumatic pressures up to 3000 psi without requiring a nitrogen bottle or other external pressure supply
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Condec UPC5000 / UPC5010 Pressure Calibration Standard
Heavy-duty construction and precision performance for a variety of pressure calibrating applications
WIKA CPH7600 Wally Box III Pressure Calibrator
Portable digital pressure loop calibrator for maintenance, testing & certification of pressure transmitters, transducers, sensors & gauges
Martel MC-1210 Multi-Function Calibrator
Precision, dual display multi-function calibrator
Ametek PK II Pneumatic Deadweight Tester
Safe, easy-to-use pneumatic deadweight tester for pressure calibrations up to 30 psi
GE Druck PV620-IS Pressure Station
Intrinsically safe advanced pressure measurement and generation system
WIKA CPP30 Pneumatic Hand Pump
Test pump for pressure generation up to 35 bar and vacuum generation down to -950 mbar
Additel ADT 919A Pneumatic Pressure Test Pump
-14 to 2000 psi high pressure pneumatic air pressure pump
Ametek HPC600 Pressure Calibrator
Handheld pressure calibrator with true multifunction capabilities and a built-in electrical pump system
Martel 3001 Multi-Function Calibrator
Lab standard multi-function calibrator with isolated measurement channel
Additel ADT 916 Pressure Test Pump
-14 to 600 psi, portable pneumatic air pressure pump
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Fluke 753 Series Process Calibrators
Sources, simulates and measures pressure, temperature, and electrical signals
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Ametek 65-P014 Hydraulic Jack Pump
Designed for high pressure oil applications, light weight makes it a sensible, rugged, and portable solution
Additel ADT 949 High Pressure Pump
-12.5 to 40,000 psi, hydraulic pressure calibration pump for oil
Additel ADT 912 Low Pressure Test Pump
-14 to 60 psi, portable pneumatic air pressure pump
Martel MC-1010 Multi-Function Calibrator
High accuracy, multi-function process calibrator
Additel ADT 914 Pressure Test Pump
-14 to 375 psi, portable pneumatic air pressure pump
Fluke 719 Electric Pressure Calibrator
Pressure calibrator with innovative built-in electric pump for one-handed pressure calibration
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Setra MicroCal Pressure Calibrator
Stand-alone calibration standard for differential and gauge pressure sensors found in critical environments
SI Pressure LTP1 Pneumatic Hand Pumps
Hand pumps provide pressure and vacuum generation in 25 inHg vacuum to 30 psi
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Additel Model 928 Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump
Pressurize large-volume workload, generate to 15,000 psi (1,000 bar) pressure, mineral oil or deionized water
Condec Source 3000 Pressure Source
Portable pressure source provides clean & dry pressure up to 3000 psi
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Fluke Calibration E-DWT-H Electronic DW Test Kits (formerly Pressurements)
Modern version of a traditional deadweight tester combines the features and convenience of digital measurement
Additel ADT 918 Pneumatic Pressure Test Pump
Generate 95% vacuum to 1,500 psi (100 bar) pressure, portable, resolution up to 10 Pa (0.1 mbar)
Crystal GaugeCalHP Pressure Comparator
Self-contained, precision hydraulic pressure comparator, calibration of pressure gauges rated up to 15000 psi/1000 bar/100 MPa
Fluke 700HTP-2 Hydraulic Test Pump
Hydraulic pressure pump capable of generating calibration pressures up to 10,000 psi / 690 bar
Additel ADT 920 High Pressure Test Pump
Generate 3,000 psi (200 bar) in 40 seconds, minimal maintenance, hand-tight quick connectors
Ametek 65-P016 / 65-P017 Hydraulic Pressure Screw Pump
Designed for easy and controlled generation of high pressure, 4-output manifold
Fluke 717 Series Pressure Calibrator
Simultaneous pressure and current measurement
Fluke 719Pro Electric Pressure Calibrator
30, 150 and 300 psi pressure ranges, unique integrated electric pump for one handed pressure calibration
Additel ADT 925 High Pressure Test Pump
-12.5 to 6000 psi, portable hydraulic pressure pump for oil or deionized water
Mensor CPC2000 Pressure Controller
Provides mobile calibration of low-pressure measuring devices
IKM PC705M IS Pressure Calibrator
Intrinsically safe pressure calibrator for hazardous areas, hydraulic pump generates test pressures up to 700 bar
Additel ADT 222A Multifunction Process Calibrator
Process tool for measuring, sourcing and simulating mA, mV, V, RTDs, thermocouples, ohms, frequency, pulses and pressure
Additel ADT 223A Documenting Process Calibrator
Hart communication process tool for measuring, sourcing and simulating mA, mV, V, RTDs, thermocouples, ohms, frequency, pulses and pressure
Fluke 725Ex Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Process Calibrator
Calibrates nearly any process instruments in areas where explosive gases may be present
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Ashcroft 1327D Pressure Gauge Comparator
The ideal combination of a reliable pressure source and a proven secondary standard
Ashcroft ATE-2 Handheld Calibrator
Digital calibrator designed to measure pressure, temperature, & voltage or current simultaneously; hazardous location version available
Ametek AMC910 Multi Purpose Calibrator
High precision signal, temperature, pressure calibrators w/ isolated measurement channel
Additel ADT 917 Pneumatic Pressure Test Pump
Generate 95% vacuum to 1,000 psi (70 bar) pressure, portable, minimal maintenance
GE Druck DPI 822 Thermocouple Loop Calibrator
Thermocouple calibrator with optional loop calibrator
Digital Pressure Calibrator Kits
Economical hydraulic and pneumatic calibration kits
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Additel ADT 946 Hydraulic Calibration Pump
Benchtop pressure pump designed to generate pressure to 15,000 psi (1,000 bar) with dual piston system ideal for filling large volumes
Yokogawa CA700 Pressure Calibrator
Achieves the highest accuracy in the portable class, ranges up to 3500 KPa, IP54 dustproof and waterproof
Martel BetaGauge 311 and 321 Pressure Calibrators
High accuracy single and dual sensor pressure calibrators
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Fluke 721 & 721EX  Precision Pressure Calibrators
Dual isolated pressure sensors, 16 or 36 psi for sensor 1, seven input ranges for sensor 2, ideal for gas flow calibration applications
Transmille 9000 Series Multi-Product Calibrator
Can calibrate over 18 types of instruments to an accuracy of up to 25 ppm
Crystal CrystalCalHP Pressure Gauge Calibration System
Gauge / chart recorder / transmitter calibration system, 7 to 10 times faster than a dead weight tester
GE Druck DPI 812 RTD Calibrator
Provide simultaneous RTD output and mA measurement for transmitter / loop maintenance
Fluke Calibration P3800 High Pressure Deadweight Tester (formerly Pressurements)
Liquid hydraulic deadweight tester for high pressures up to 60,000 psi (4000 bar)
Martel MECP10K Hydraulic Pump
Hand operated hydraulic pump that can generate pressure up to 10,000 psi
Martel T140 Pressure Calibrator
Pressure calibrators / manometers with laboratory-grade accuracy
Martel BetaGauge PIR Pro Pressure Gauge
Reference class digital pressure gauges provide accuracy to ±0.04% of reading
Yokogawa YPC4000 Series Modular Calibrator
Versatile handheld calibrator with interchangeable sensing modules and optional HART communications
WIKA CPP1000-M Hydraulic Spindle Pump
Hand spindle test pump for pressure generation up to 1000 bar (14,500 psi) with 110cm³ reservoir
DH-Budenberg CPB3500 Pneumatic Deadweight Tester
Compact, pneumatic deadweight tester provides superior accuracy and reliability for ranges up to 1600 psi
Dwyer A-396A Hand Pump
Calibration pump generates up to 72 psig to calibrate gauges and transmitters or to set pressure switches
Martel DMC-1410 Documenting Multi-Function Calibrator
A precision dual display documenting calibrator
Condec UPC5200 / UPC5210 High Pressure Calibration Standard
Up to 10,000 psi, automatic push button calibration, 0.05% accuracy
Condec UPC5100 / UPC5110 Pressure Vacuum Calibration Standard
Portable, accurate, incorporates self-contained pressure and vacuum sources
DH-Budenberg CPB3800HP Hydraulic Deadweight Tester
Complete, stand-alone, high pressure primary standard for laboratory or on-site pressure calibrations to 40,000 psi (2600 bar)
Ametek RK Pneumatic Deadweight Tester
Easy-to-use pneumatic deadweight tester for pressure calibrations in the lab or in the field up to 300 psi
Fluke 700PMP Pressure Pump
Hand-operated pressure pump for generating pressures up to 150 psi / 1000 kPa
East Hills Instruments M-80 Magnum Low Pro Volume Pressure Chamber
High resolution and stability for low pressure calibrations
DH-Budenberg CPB5000HP Deadweight Tester
Hydraulic deadweight tester with a range of up to 5000 bar for high pressure applications
East Hills Instruments M-10 Magnum Pro Hydraulic Calibration Pump
Adjustable stroke control for fast priming or filling of test systems up to 10,000 psi (700bar)
Condec UVC1000 / UVC1010 Vacuum Generator Pressure Controller
Rugged and portable, affordable, ideal for areas off-limits to vacuum pumps
Mensor CPU6000 Pressure Calibrator
Choose from the CPU6000-W weather station, CPU6000-S pressure balance sensor box and CPU6000-M digital multimeter
GE Druck DPI 832 Electrical Loop Calibrator
Electrical loop calibrator for instrumentation test and loop maintenance
Fluke 700LTP-1 Low Pressure Test Pump
Hand operated pressure pump designed to generate either vacuum to -13 psi / -.90 bar or pressures to 100 psi / 6.9 bar
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Additel ADT 938 High Pressure Test Pump
-12.5 to 15,000 psi, hydraulic pressure pump for deionized water
Ametek CSC201 Signal Calibrator
Compact temperature signal calibrator, calibrate or measure thermocouples, RTD's, ohms, mV and customized RTD curves
WIKA CPP4000 Hydraulic Pressure Pump
Comparison test pump for hydraulic pressure generation up to 58,000 psi
East Hills Instruments Magnum Pro MVP-600
Calibration pump with vacuum to 600 PSI
DH-Budenberg Model 80 Pipeline Tester
Portable unit for accurate leak and strength testing of pipelines as well as measurement of pressure within the pipeline
Fluke 718Ex Pressure Calibrator
Powerful, intrinsically safe, self-contained portable pressure calibrator for usage in explosion endangered areas
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DH-Budenberg CPB5600DP Deadweight Tester
2 piston-cylinder, hydraulic or pneumatic differential pressure balance and mass-sets
Dwyer PHP Hand Pump
Pneumatic hand pump sources pressure and vacuum from -28.5 inHg to 600 psi
GE Druck DPI 842 Frequency Loop Calibrator
Advanced frequency meter and generator with three output waveforms from 0.1 V to 24 V amplitude
WIKA CPP7000 Hydraulic Pressure Pump
Stable base comparison test pump for hydraulic pressure generation up to 100,000 psi
Martel PSC-4010 Process Calibrator
High accuracy, portable process signal calibrator
Additel ADT 936 High Pressure Test Pump
-12.5 to 15,000 psi, hydraulic pressure pump for oil
Meriam M400 Electrical Calibrator
Precision handheld electrical calibrator with one pressure sensor and a data logging feature
Ametek HK Pneumatic Deadweight Tester
Self-regulating primary pressure standard for calibrating pressure instruments up to 1500 psi
Condec Orion 2C Pneumatic Pressure Controller
Variable volume pressure controller with operating pressure from vacuum to 3000 psi
WIKA CPP700 Hydraulic Hand Pump
Test pump for pressure generation up to 700 bar (10,000 psi)
Martel Electronics DPC-300A Dual System Pneumatic Calibrator
Regulated plant air to 100 psi, integral electric pump to 300 psi, ±0.025% FS accuracy, built-in loop calibrator
WIKA CPP1000-H Hydraulic Hand Pump
Test pump for pressure generation up to 1000 bar (14,500 psi)
PIE 820-Elite Multifunction Process Calibrator
Designed for those who require the best tools, the PIE 820-Elite performs the work of 8 single function calibrators
DH-Budenberg CPP120-X Comparison Pump
Provides pneumatic pressure to test, adjust and calibrate pressure instruments via comparative measurements
Dwyer LPCP Calibration Pump
High resolution pump for calibrating low pressure gauges and transmitters
Additel 12X Series Pressure Manifolds
Designed for expanding pressure test ports during pressure calibration
Condec PIN8000 / PIN8010 Pneumatic High Source Pressure Intensifier
Internal precision pressure intensifier generates up to 10 times input pressure, electronically controlled intensifier system
Martel DPC-30 Pneumatic Calibrator
Highly accurate digital pressure calibrator for pneumatic field instrumentation
Additel ADT 937 Hydraulic Calibration Pump
High pressure hydraulic pump that Generate 85% vacuum to 15,000 psi (1,000 bar) pressure, three pressure ports
Dwyer HCHP Hand Pump
Hydraulic calibration pump utilizes a fully adjustable stroke control that allows fast pressure generation up to 10,000 psi
WIKA CPP1000-X Hydraulic Comparison Pump
Stable base comparison test pump for pressures up to 1000 bar (14,500 psi) with 250cm³ reservoir
Dwyer HHP Hand Pump
Hydraulic hand pump can be used with a variety of fill liquids and generate pressure to 10,000 psi
Fluke Calibration 700HPP Pneumatic Test Pump
Generates pneumatic pressures up to 3000 psi without requiring a nitrogen bottle or other external pressure supply
Condec PIN7000 / PIN7010 Pneumatic Pressure Intensifier
Self contained portable high pressure pneumatic intensifier, generates up to 10,000 PSIG
Meriam M402 Electrical Calibrator
Precision handheld electrical calibrator with two pressure sensors and a data logging feature
WIKA CPP7-H Pneumatic Hand Pump
Test pump for low-pressure generation up to 101.5 psi (7 bar) and vacuum generation down to -11.6 psi (-800 mbar)
Dwyer PCHP Hand Pump
Hand pump with comfort grip handles generates up to 600 psi for calibrating pressure gauges, switches, transmitters, and recorders
Martel BetaGauge 301 Pressure Calibrator
Value-oriented, general-purpose pressure calibrator
WIKA CPP1000-L Hydraulic Spindle Pump
Hand spindle test pump for pressure generation up to 1000 bar (14,500 psi) with 55cm³ sealed reservoir & fine adjustment valve
Mensor CPH7000 Process Calibrator
Portable process calibrator, generates pressures up to 360 psi, 0.025% accuracy, color touchscreen display
Dwyer HP Hand Pump
Source of pneumatic pressure and vacuum for verifying the calibration pressure instrumentation
East Hills Instruments Magnum Pro MP
Pressure and vacuum calibration pump with pressure to 100 psi and vacuum to 28"Hg
Condec 3030 Hand-Held Pressure/Temperature Calibrator
Calibrator with gas and liquid compatible stainless steel pressure sensors
Condec Orion 3A Precision Pneumatic Controllers
Controls up to 10,000 psi and vacuum, Viton O-rings, variety of industrial applications
Dwyer CHP Hand Pump
Rugged and dependable pneumatic hand pump for applications up to 100 psi or 28.8 inHg Vacuum
Meriam Z9P155 Starter Kit
Test lead kit for VMA0055 module, banana plugs on 9 inch breakouts, both ends & assorted connectors
Condec UPS3000 Series Digital Pressure Indicators
Bonded foil strain gauge sensor and microprocessor-based electronic circuitry for long-term stability
WIKA CPP1600 Hydraulic Pressure Pump
Stable base comparison test pump for hydraulic pressure generation up to 23,200 psi
Dwyer MC Multi-Cal Pressure Calibrator
Portable pressure calibrator performs a wide variety of simple and complex pressure based measurement, test, and calibration operations
Additel 9819 Power Adapter
Power Adapter, 110V/220V external power adapter for Additel 760 calibrator