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  • Achieves the highest accuracy in the portable class
  • Available ranges:
    • -80 to 200 kPa
    • -80 to 1000 kPa
    • -80 to 3500 kPa
  • Basic accuracy:
    • Pressure; 0.01% rdg
    • Current/voltage; 0.015% rdg
  • 0.001 kPa resolution
  • Calibration procedures are embedded
  • IP54 dustproof and waterproof


The Yokogawa CA700 Pressure Calibrator is a highly accurate and highly functional pressure calibrator specifically designed for the calibration of differential pressure and pressure transmitters, which are widely used in plant processes these days and are improving in terms of accuracy and functionality. The CA700 has achieved the highest accuracy and widest range in the products class, enabling field calibration with greater accuracy than ever before.

Applications for the CA700 include:

  • Field calibration of differential pressure and pressure transmitters
  • Pressure switch test
  • Check and I/O adjustment of an electro-pneumatic converter
  • 20 mA SIMULATE (two-wire transmitter simulator)
  • Two-wire transmitter loop check
  • Input command check and adjustment of recorders and controllers