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  • Fluid based on mineral oil or single distilled water
    • Water-based hydraulic fluids are not suitable
  • 2 G1/2 female thread, freely rotating test connections
    • 4.5in (115mm) distance between connections
  • Fine adjustment valve on the side
  • Brass cylinder, SS piston, & aluminum rear flange
  • Spring-loaded thrust pad
  • Removable star handle
  • EAC approval


The WIKA CPP1000-L hydraulic spindle pump is designed primarily for the test and calibration of pressure measuring instruments with small volumes. It has a narrow rear flange, sealed reservoir and a built-in fine adjustment valve.

The rotating spindle only runs inside the body of the pump. This eliminates the negative effect of a bending torque on a spindle turning outside the body and offers the advantage, especially for use in the field, that the dimensions of these hand spindle pumps do not change during operation due to the spindle turning.