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  • Pressure capabilities:
    • Gauges, calibrators, transducers, transmitters, indicators, switches, valves, controllers, manometers, chart recorders.
  • Temperature capabilities:
    • Temperature sensors, indicators, thermocouple and RTD transmitters, recorders, controllers, thermometers,
    • process calibrators, PRTs, thermistors.
  • Electrical and Process capabilities:
    • Calibrators, mV/mA meters, decade boxes, flow totalizers,
    • DP flow transmitters, pulse meters, tachometers, counters
  • Process calibrator module with 6.5 digit multimeter and PC control center
  • Source and measure voltage, current, resistance, frequency and more
  • RTD & thermocouple simulation and measurement, HART communication
  • Automatic pressure controller module for vacuum to 20 bar (300 psi)
  • Regulated pneumatic pressure calibration module for 0 to 200 bar (3000 psi)
  • Benchtop pumps, pressure adaptor kit, manifold and electrical vacuum pump
  • Fixed and variable DC power supply modules for powering devices under test


The Time Electronics CBP-PROC1 Process Calibration Bench is an ideal solution for instrument workshops that require a high performance workstation as the platform for calibration of plant devices and instruments.

Features include dry block calibrators for temperature sourcing, calibration using EasyCal software via automatic control with printers and extras supplied, temperature interface module for batch thermocouple calibration, with storage solutions that include 5 drawer unit, under bench holder, perfo panel fittings.