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  • Pressure Capabilities
    • Gauges, calibrators, transducers, transmitters, indicators, switches, valves, controllers, manometers, chart recorders
  • Temperature Capabilities
    • Temperature sensors, indicators, thermocouple and RTD transmitters, recorders, controllers, thermometers,
    • process calibrators, PRTs, thermistors
  • Electrical and Process Capabilities
    • Calibrators, mV/mA meters, decade boxes, flow totalizers, DP flow transmitters, pulse meters, tachometers, counters


The Time Electronics Process 2 Calibration Bench provides users with an organized workspace for test and measurement workload. The accompanying products such as pumps, manifolds and test stands, are utilized for fast and efficient setups of applications. Includes modules and extras to enable users to rapidly calibrate common pressure and temperature instruments such as transmitters, gauges, RTDs and thermocouples. It is an optimal solution for instrument workshops where users need to centralize their calibration and commissioning processes.

Storage solutions include a mobile drawer unit, under bench holder, and quick access perfo panel fittings including hooks, holders, shelf and storage bins. The package can be customized to specific requirements, change pressure ranges, exchange items or add products.