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  • Lightweight & fully portable
  • 0-10,000 psi (or equivalent) operating pressure
  • ±0.25% FS accuracy
  • Gauge Type: Between 1 and 4 Ashcroft Type 1082 4.5in gauges with temperature compensation
  • Includes two-stage hydraulic pressure pump
  • Operating Media:
    • Standard: SAE 20 weight automotive or machine oil
    • Optional: Phosphate-based or glycol fluids; distilled water for oxygen service
  • O-ring Material:
    • Standard: Buna N
    • Optional: Ethylene Propylene
  • Reservoir Volume: Approximately 1.5 pints (0.7 liter)


The Ashcroft 1327D is a field-portable pressure generation and test system. Many calibration applications require only a quick comparison to a master gauge, without the need for a primary deadweight standard. In these applications the Ashcroft 1327D offers the ideal combination of a reliable pressure source and a proven secondary standard. Lightweight and fully portable, the 1327D offers maximum utility in one simple, compact, and complete test set.

The 1327D utilizes a two-stage hydraulic pressure pump and from one to four Ashcroft Type 1082 test gauges - used as comparison masters - covering the operating range of 0 through 10,000 psi (or equivalent metric ranges). These 4.5 inch gauges are temperature compensated and accurate to 0.25% of span in compliance with the requirements of ASME (formerly ANSI) B40.1, grade 3A.

The pressure pump used with the 1327D features a built-in two-position shuttle valve which makes it quick and easy to generate pressures on either end of the spectrum. Final adjustment is accomplished through the use of an integral vernier-adjustment knob. The 1327D is available in versions to accommodate either petroleum based oils or glycol and phosphate ester based hydraulic fluids. In addition, the 1327D can be configured to operate with distilled water for the calibration of oxygen service gauges.

The Ashcroft 1327D pressure gauge comparator includes the tools, adapters and accessories necessary to accommodate most field or lab calibration requirements. All of the components are conveniently stored in a carrying case for maximum protection and portability.

Ashcroft 1327D pressure gauge comparator specifications:
Gauges Ashcroft Model 1082, 4-1/2˝, ASME B40.1, Grade 3A, temp. compensated. Bourdon tube materials – Bronze or "K" Monel (depending on range)
Gauges Included 1327DG-2 0-150 psig
1327DG-6 0-150 & 0-600 psig
1327DG-50 0-150 ; 0-600 & 0-5000 psig
1327DG-100 0-150 ; 0-600; 0-5000 & 0-10,000 psig
1327DMG-10 0-10 kg/cm2
1327DMG-40 0-10 & 0-40 kg/cm2
1327DMG-250 0-10 ; 0-40 & 0-250 kg/cm2
1327DMG-600 0-10 ; 0-40; 0-250 & 0-600 kg/cm2
1327DBG-10 0-10 bar
1327DBG-40 0-10 & 0-40 bar
1327DBG-250 0-10 ; 0-40 & 0-250 bar
1327DBG-600 0-10 ; 0-40; 0-250 & 0-600 bar
1327DAG-1000 0-1000 kPa
1327DAG-4000 0-1000 & 0-4000 kPa
1327DAG-25000 0-1000 ; 0-4000 & 0-25,000 kPa
1327DAG-60000 0-1000 ; 0-4000; 0-25,000 & 0-60,000 kPa
Accuracy 0.25% of gauge span
Operating Pressure 0 to 10,000 psi max. (0 to 70,000 kPa)
Operating Fluid 1327D: SAE 20 automotive or machine oil
1327DH: Phosphate or glycol base hydraulic fluids
1327DO: Distilled water for oxygen service
Reservoir Volume Approximately 1.5 pints (0.7 liter)
O-Ring Seals For 1327D and 1327DO: Buna-N
For 1327DH: Ethylene Propylene
Pump Body Material Aluminum alloy
Certification Standard: No documentation provided
Optional: NIST traceability document provided for each gauge