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  • 4 pressure ranges
    • -1 to 1psi, -12 to 30psi, -12 to 100psi, -12 to 300psi
  • For use with non-corrosive gasses
  • 0.05% full scale accuracy
  • Max voltage: 30 volts non-operating
  • -40 to 140°F temperature
  • Error % calculation for quicker pass/fail decision making
  • Integrated pump
  • Easy to clean access ports protect the pump from fluids
  • Quick & accurate pressure switch test feature

What's in the Box

  • Protective Yellow Holster with test lead storage
  • Test leads & alligator clip
  • 2 9V alkaline batteries
  • Instructions
  • NIST-traceable calibration report & data


The Fluke 718 pressure calibrator family provides a total pressure calibration solution for transmitters, gauges, and switches. This compact pressure calibration solution is about a third of the size of comparable instruments and weighs just two pounds. The unique, easy-to-clean-out access ports built into the pump protect the pump from fluids and provides the ability to service the pump without disassembly.

The Fluke 718 is a uniquely protected pneumatic pressure calibrator and pump. The pump design uses protective check valves that allow air to pass through the pump for calibration but inhibits fluids from entering the pump and causing damage. These two check valves allow the bi-directional flow of air into or out of the Fluke 718. Even after draining the process fluid from the calibration port of the device under test, minute amounts of process fluids may often still be lurking behind. In the event these fluids enter the 718 pump cavities, this pump enables quick cleaning and maintenance, even in the field.

The Fluke 718 pressure calibrator can source pressure and measure milliamps to calibrate and maintain almost any pressure device. The Fluke 718 has an error % calculation feature for quicker pass/fail decision-making in the field. The best in class mA accuracy of 0.015% provides greater measurement confidence and workload coverage. The Fluke 718 pressure calibrator has min / max / hold functions to capture changing measurements. The switch test feature provides quicker and more accurate pressure switch testing.



Test Leads




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