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  • Reference instrument for the testing, adjustment and calibration of pressure measuring instruments
  • Primary standard for pressure calibrations to 2,600 bar / 40,000 psi
  • Complete, stand-alone system suitable for laboratory or on-site use
  • Dual-range piston-cylinder system with ranges of 1 to 50 and 20 to 2600 bar or 10 to 600 and 200 to 40,000 psi
  • Total measurement uncertainty up to 0.007 % of reading
  • Factory calibration includes traceability to national standards, as standard, with UKAS calibration possible as an option
  • Masses manufactured from stainless steel, can be adjusted to local gravity
  • CE conformity: Pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC (module A)
  • Compact dimensions

What's in the Box

  • Base with pump and piston-cylinder system
  • Three thread adapters: M16 x 1.5 / M20 x 1.5 and 9/16-18 UNF
  • Mass set manufactured to standard gravity (9.80665 m/s²)
  • VG22 mineral oil (0.5 liter)
  • Tool and maintenance set
  • Operating instructions in German and English language
  • Factory calibration certificate


The DH-Budenberg CPB3800HP deadweight tester is a stand-alone, high pressure primary standard for laboratory or on-site pressure calibrations to 40,000 psi (2600 bar). Featuring high accuracy, a wide measuring range and portability, the CPB3800HP is an ideal reference instrument for the testing, adjustment and calibration of pressure measuring instruments.

Dead-weight testers are the most accurate instruments available on the market for the calibration of electronic or mechanical pressure measuring instruments. The DH-Budenberg CPB3800HP is accurate up to 0.007 % of reading. With integrated (hydraulic) pressure generation and a purely mechanical measuring principle, there is no electrical power required for operation and the unit can be used anywhere as it's accurate enough for the lab and portable enough for on-site testing.

The DH-Budenberg CPB3800HP deadweight tester incorporates a base, including a pump, a piston-cylinder system, and a graduated precision mass set. The masses are applied in proportion to the target pressure and the pressure is set via the integrated, finely adjustable, precision spindle pump. As soon as the measuring system reaches equilibrium, there is a balance of forces between pressure and the force generated by the mass applied over the area of the piston. The quality of the piston / cylinder system ensures that this pressure remains stable over several minutes so that the device under test can be calibrated or adjusted.

The dual-range piston-cylinder system offers two measuring ranges in one case with automatic measuring range switching from low-pressure to high-pressure pistons. This provides the user with an extremely flexible measuring instrument that can cover a wide measuring range with high accuracy, with only one piston-cylinder system and one mass set. Additionally two test points can automatically be achieved by the operator loading masses once.

The overall design of the DH-Budenberg CPB3800HP deadweight tester and the very precise manufacturing of both the piston and the cylinder, ensure exceptionally low friction force, which results in excellent operating characteristics with long free-rotation time and low sink rates. Thus a high long-term stability is ensured. The piston and cylinder are manufactured from hardened steel and tungsten carbide, respectively. This pairing of materials has very low pressure and temperature coefficients of expansion, which results in a very good linearity for the effective area and a very high accuracy.