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  • Primary standard for factory and calibration laboratories for the testing, adjustment and calibration of pressure measuring instruments
  • Ranges up to 100 bar pneumatic or to 400 bar pneumatic with an gas to oil separator
  • Total measurement uncertainty to 0.008% of reading
  • Complete, stand-alone system, also suitable for on-site use
  • High long-term stability with recommended recalibration cycle every five years
  • Mass sets manufactured from stainless steel and aluminum, can be adjusted to local gravity
  • Quick and safe replacement of the piston-cylinder system for measuring range changes via patented ConTect quick release system as an option

What's in the Box

  • Base with dust protection cover
  • Priming pump (not on pneumatic base high pressure/vacuum)
  • Spindle pump for pressure generation/fine adjustment
  • Piston connection with M30 x 2 female thread
  • Quick connector for test items
  • Piston-cylinder system with overhang (bell jar)
  • Basic mass set in carrying case
  • Extension mass set in carrying case (depending on the measuring range)
  • Mass set manufactured to standard gravity (9.80665 m/s²)
  • VG22 mineral oil, 0.25 liter (for separator variant)
  • Operating instructions in German and English language
  • Factory calibration certificate


The DH-Budenberg CPB5000 pneumatic deadweight tester is a precision pressure calibration instrument ideal for testing a wide range of pressure measurement tools such as gauges and sensors. The CPB5000 provides a simple, economic solution for calibrating pressures of up to 400 bar (5000 psi) while maintaining a total measurement uncertainty of just 0.008 % of reading. A fully stand-alone instrument with integrated pressure generation and the pure mechanical measuring principle, the CPB5000 is ideal for on-site use for maintenance and service.

The DH-Budenberg CPB5000 deadweight tester consists of a pneumatic base to which a piston/cylinder system is attached. Replacing the piston/cylinder allows changing of the measurement range. One available option, the ConTect System, allows quick and easy changing of the piston/cylinder assembly without the need for tools. Simply twist the butterfly screw and the installed ConTect System can be removed and a new range installed.

The piston and cylinder of the CBP5000 are both manufactured from tungsten carbide. Compared to other materials, tungsten carbide has very small pressure and thermal expansion coefficients, which results in a very good linearity of the effective cross-sectional area of the piston and thus a high measurement accuracy. The piston and cylinder are very well protected against contact, impacts or contamination from outside in a solid stainless-steel housing.

To allow easy installation and removal of the device under test (DUT) without tools, the CPB5000 utilizes a quick connector that seals with hand-tightening. A variety of adapters are provided to handle most any thread type found on the DUT.

The DH-Budenberg CPB5000 instrument bases are available in the following three designs:

  • Pneumatic base, low pressure (max. 10 bar / 150 psi), with integrated pressure generation through priming pump and spindle pump
  • Pneumatic base, high pressure/vacuum (max. 100 bar / 1,500 psi), with a connection for external pressure supply or vacuum
  • Pneumatic base with integrated gas to oil separator (max. 400 bar / 5,000 psi), with a connection for external pressure supply. For use with hydraulic piston-cylinder systems with M30 x 2 connection