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  • Ranges:
    • T-965; -0.65 to 2 bar/-9.4 to 30 psi
    • T-975; -0.91 to 40 bar/-13.1 to 580 psi
  • Easy to switch from vacuum to pressure measurements
  • Built-in release valve
  • Vernier valve for fine adjustment
  • Dual pressure output enable safe and simple operation
  • Metric and imperial threads
  • T-965-CPF and T-975-CPF kits include 1 each of the following:
    MPH-1 hose
    MPF-1/4 FPT fitting
    MPM-3/8 BSPM fitting
    MPF-5/16 SAEM fitting


The Ametek T-965 / T-975 Pneumatic Pressure Pumps feature both vacuum and pressure generation. A button (valve) makes it easy to switch from vacuum to pressure measurements. Built-in release valve, vernier valve for fine adjustment and dual pressure output enable safe and simple operation. The unit offers both metric and imperial threads on the reference connection and the hose. The T-965 has a range of -0.65 to 2 bar/-9.4 to 30 psi and the T-975 has a range of -0.91 to 40 bar / -13.1 to 580 psi.

Ready-to-use pressure systems for the DPC-500, APC, CPC, and IPI calibrators. For all pressure systems the pump and the indicator are separate systems. Therefore a replacement of the pump does not mean that you have to send the complete system for repair. Maintenance of the instrument is also made easy. Recalibration of the unit can be performed locally with an accurate pressure reference: No need to send the unit back to the manufacturer for recalibration. If you do require a factory calibration, the pump and indicator are independent and only the indicator needs to be returned. JOFRA pressure calibrators are as standard delivered as individual indicators or as a complete calibration systems ready to use in a carrying case, including pump, hose, set of fittings, batteries, test leads, user manual, and a NIST traceable calibration certificate.

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T-975: -0.91 to 40 bar (-13.1 to 580 psi)
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