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  • Primary standard for pressure ranges up to 20,000 psi
  • Reference instrument for the test, adjustment and calibration of pressure measuring instruments
  • Self-contained, complete system suitable for industrial calibration labs or production testing
  • Uncertainty: to 0.006 % of reading
  • Calibration certificate is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • High long-term stability with a recommended recalibration cycle of 5 years
  • Masses manufactured from stainless steel
  • Local gravity adjustment possible at no additional charge
  • Optional automated environmental compensation


The DH-Budenberg CPB5800 deadweight tester boasts an accuracy of 0.006% of reading making it ideally suited to laboratory calibration of pressure transmitters, pressure transducers, and mechanical gauges. With integrated (hydraulic) pressure generation and a purely mechanical measuring principle, there is no electrical power required for operation.

The pressure of the DH-Budenberg CPB5800 is set via an integrated, finely adjustable, precision spindle pump. As soon as the measuring system reaches equilibrium, there is a balance of forces between pressure and the force generated by the mass applied over the area of the piston. The quality of the piston / cylinder system ensures that this pressure remains stable over several minutes so that the device under test can be calibrated or adjusted.

In addition, the CPB5800 built-in spindle pump is easy to operate even at very high pressures, and features a threaded spindle which moves within the pump body. The spindle pump handle does not move in or out of the body of the pump as the handle is turned, therefore there are no cantilever forces or changes in the overall size of the base as the pressure is changed.

The DH-Budenberg CPB5800 uses precisely machined, high-quality materials, resulting in high accuracy and an excellent long-term stability of five years.


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