• Over 20 connectable tools
    • Infrared cameras
    • Digital multimeters
    • Insulation resistance testers
  • Connect with your team without leaving the field
  • Remotely access test results, records & manuals
  • Wirelessly save measurements to Fluke Connect Cloud
  • Reduces paperwork, saves time & improves efficiency

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The Fluke Connect Android app allows you to remotely access, track, and manage test data by providing a comprehensive view of equipment's functionality on your mobile device running Android 4.4 or higher (Galaxy S4, Nexus 5, HTC One, etc). This software is perfect for industrial and facility maintenance, commercial facility teams, and contractors. It improves efficiency and safety by allowing you to instantly take live readings of temperature, mechanical, electrical, and vibration measurements from a convenient distance. The audio and video calling feature allows you to collaborate and troubleshoot in real time with team members in other locations.

This software reduces paperwork by automatically documenting measurements which can be logged, tracked, and shared directly from the field or plant, eliminating the need to travel back to the office to manually enter data. Up to 5GB of data can be stored in the wireless cloud which is protected by advanced electronic surveillance, multi-factor access controls, and 24/7 data center staffing.

Upgrades are available, for a monthly fee, to provide additional monitoring and analysis. The Fluke Connect Assets software links test data to a specific asset within your facility, helping to identify where preventative actions are needed by documenting status over time. Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring software assists in diagnostics and performance evaluation by correlating historical trends with current conditions through continual evaluation. This comparison chart outlines the features of each version, please call us for more information.