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  • Range: -20 to 350°C (–4 to 662°F)
  • 3.9 mRad spatial resolution
  • 19,200 (160 x 120) pixel resolution
  • 9Hz frame rate
  • 35.7° x 26.8° field of view
  • 257:1 distance-to-spot ratio
  • ±2°C or 2% (at 25°C nominal, whichever is greater)
  • Fixed focus, minimum focus distance 0.45m (1.5ft)
  • IR-Fusion® technology with five AutoBlend™ modes
  • Five picture-in-picture modes
  • Thermal sensitivity: ≤0.09°C at 30°C target temp (90mK)
  • 7.5 to 14 μm spectral band
  • Rugged 3.5 inch (landscape) 320 x 240 LCD display
  • Built-in visible light digital camera (5MP)
  • Engineered to withstand 2 meter (6.5 feet) drop
  • IP54 enclosure rating
  • Voice annotation
  • Internal 4GB memory
    • Optional 4GB micro SD card sold separately
  • Create and email reports onsite with Fluke Connect

What's in the Box

  • AC charger/power supply with mains adapters
  • One lithium ion smart battery
  • USB cable
  • Soft transport bag
  • Adjustable hand strap
  • Rugged, hard carrying case
  • Statement of factory calibration
  • Quick start guide
  • Safety sheet

The Fluke TiS40 thermal imager is part of the Fluke Performance Series of thermal imagers. The TiS40 provides the resolution, range and accuracy to easily and quickly identify problems before they become expensive failures. Whether you are a building inspector, electrician, energy auditor, equipment technician, or plant manager; the Fluke TiS40 thermal imager is the ideal tool for identifying heat and moisture issues in building applications, process industries and industrial/electrical maintenance.

The Fluke TiS40 has a measuring range from -20 to 350°C with an accuracy of ±2°C or 2% (whichever is greater). The imager provides 160 x 120 pixel resolution and fixed focus with a minimum focus distance of 0.45 m (1.5 ft). The TiS40 has a versatile, ergonomic design capable of one-handed operation and a rugged body engineered to withstand a drop from 2 meters. The large 3.5" 320 x 240 LCD display has a 9 Hz refresh rate. Images can be stored in an internal 4GB memory. Fluke Connect makes it easy to create and email reports from the jobsite, eliminating the need to go back to the office to process reports.

Applications for the Fluke TiS40 Thermal Imager:

  • Overloaded electrical systems with excessive current
  • High-resistance electrical connections
  • Industrial component failure
  • Worn or damaged bearings
  • Bearing lubrication issues
  • Abnormal heat flow and heat gradients
  • Improperly-operating valves and steam traps
  • Tank levels and sludge build-up
  • Improperly installed or missing insulation
  • Unexpected heat loss or gain
  • Improperly installed or damaged HVAC ductwork
  • Defective or damaged seals on doors and windows
  • Problems with HVAC installations
  • Unexpected moisture


Fluke Connect Measurements Android App
Wireless cloud-based program that communicates data from your testing tool to a mobile device
Fluke Connect Measurements iOS App
Wireless cloud-based program that communicates data from your testing tool to a mobile device


Fluke TI-Car Charger
Thermal imager car charger
Fluke TI-SBP3 Battery Pack
Spare battery pack for the Fluke Thermal Imagers


Please consider these optional accessories.

Fluke BOOK-ITP Thermography Principles Book
Soft-cover, 72 page book with 122 full-color illustrations that provides an overview of safe, efficient, & practical use of thermal imagers
In Stock
Fluke Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth headset for Fluke Infrared Cameras
Fluke TI-TRIPOD3 Tripod Mount
One-piece mounting accessory that allows you to mount your IR camera to a standard tripod or monopod
Fluke Professional Tool Backpack
Durable high-quality polyester, injection molded plastic bottom base, six storage compartments