• 1.0 to 2000A DC current range
    • 0.1A resolution, 2% ±5 digit accuracy (1 to 999.9A)
    • 1A resolution, 2.5% ±5 digit accuracy (1000A & up)
  • Records up to 65,000 readings
  • 1sec minimum log rate interval
    • Adjustable by PC or front panel
  • RF communications 2.4GHz ISM Band
    • Unobstructed range of up to 20 meters
  • -14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C) operating temperature
  • Runs up to 120 hours on two AA batteries
  • IP42 ingress protection rating
  • Rated 600V CAT IV / 1000V CAT III
  • CSA C-US, CE, FCC, & IC certifications

What's in the Box

  • DC current module
  • Batteries
  • Hanging strap magnet
  • Quick start guide


The Fluke A3003 FC current clamp meter features an extra-wide jaw that easily clamps around large conductors, typically found in mining, utility, marine, rail or other heavy manufacturing industries where large DC currents or large current carrying cables are found. Its unique jaw construction allows for a wide measurement range meaning that you can accurately make measurements from 1.0 to 2000A DC.

The A3003 FC is part of the growing family of Fluke wireless test tools. It lets you record and log data over time, and share test data using the Fluke Connect app with ShareLive video call. Fluke Connect wireless test tools put keep you away from hazardous electrical environments or dangerous work locations. Connect the A3003 FC and read the results on the Fluke Connect wireless multimeter or a portable PC from a safe distance. It can also send measurement data to your smartphone, so you can save and share measurements from the field with your team anytime, from anywhere.


This product can be used in the following applications: